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  1. Copy that, hope it won't release too late.
  2. Well, everything is in the title really. We are all waiting for it, and some of us even have deadlines. It's stopping a lot and a lot of livery makers to do liveries, me counted in it. If at least we could have an estimation on when it won't be out. For example "Won't be out before half of December), so some of us can commit into making their liveries with what we have now. The reason why some of us arent making them now is because we are scared that it will screw up everything in the UV layers, and don't want to put unnecessary work. But in certain cases, like pilots who will fly at VFAT, they will have to finish their liveries before, even though they may be broken on the template release update. I'm surprised I havent seen more posts like this lately, if anyone has ideas on the release date, you are pleased to tell us. Sincerely, Emerald
  3. Thank you very much Skate, you're the man ! We are really appreciate it and are really excited to get them back ! They look great! Thank you for your reaction and your gratefulness, it really matters, not everyone would have done it. Salute from the Virtual Turkish Stars Emerald
  4. Hello SkateZilla ! I was wondering if you were still working on the mod, I'm the new Virtual Turkish Stars leader, and our mod broke on the last updates like most of the mods... Do you think you could update it ? We would really appreciate it ! Emerald
  5. Update until now: I did the DCS repair, still crashes on startup. For the rudder, it got fixed for 5 minutes. Then when getting at about 450kts the shaking started again. It happened to me, and pretty much all of my piltos (5 pilots), all of our rudder starts shaking at about 450kts, over that at about 550 it stops and under at about 350 - 300 it stops... Turbulences are off and auto trim too. This happened only since the update, it happens on Steam and Standalone version.
  6. I have done the DCS repair, it's gone for me. I ordered my pilots to do it too and tell me when if it's fixed. For the startup I recommend you apply ground air supply by clicking on the screen and not press F3. That's how we will do until the next fix...
  7. Basically the game crashes when we press F3 to apply ground air supply, so we have to auto-start to fly it. Then in the air for some reason the rudder starts to wiggle, it only happens when the yaw dampers is on, it stops when it's off. Here's the video proof. I translated all the necessary information since we were speaking Turkish. Thanks in advance
  8. Hello everyone, with a friend we have a duo of mirages as an aerobatic team where we do some really close formation flying, and i realised that as i get closer, my pilot dies, and then the planes ram each other. And it's really annoying for our display, since it's based on close formation flying. (Yes, we speak french) Here are 2 videos that show it : https://www.twitch.tv/theemeraldskies/clip/CarelessInterestingSalmonShazBotstix https://www.twitch.tv/theemeraldskies/clip/GoodMildCarrotSuperVinlin Thank you for your comprehension
  9. We were in a training with the Wolf Delta aerobatic team, and we were going back to base with afterburner after the training ended. So that's when our leader and our slot pilots started shaking and suddenly their plane flipped out. And they both crashed. There's a short clip of the event. https://clips.twitch.tv/ResilientPatientGoldfishWholeWheat
  10. Salut à tous ! La Wolf Delta recrute ! C'est une patrouille aérienne aérobatique en Mirage 2000. On vole en formation close et on s’entraîne tous les jeudi à 21h si vous voulez nous rejoindre, regardez la vidéo, puis la description. Nous volons sur Nevada en grande partie.
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