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  1. Bunny Clark Thanks for this great profile. Of course I could not leave well enough alone, so I extended/modified your profile as follows: As I have a 3rd monitor, I put the Pilot MFDs, EUFD and CMWS all on the 3rd monitor. I kept the CPG stuff and some of the remaining Pilot panels on my 2nd monitor. This enables me to switch between seats while in game and be able to see both sets of MFDs. As I mainly fly as the CPG, the double sets of MFDs are not a big deal. I added your bonus panels and inserted show/hide buttons on the lower right of my 1st monitor. I have some issues with the KU when switching between seats so I added a clear button command when I switch seats. Finally, I have one remaining issue. When I push your Plt/Cpg button in the lower right corner, I would also like the pit in my 1st monitor to change from the Pilot to CPG and when I push it again, it would change from cpg to pilot. I tried just adding a combination of send keys added to your button, but it didn't work the way I wanted it to. Any thoughts? Solved the problem by making the button two separate buttons and then adding the appropriate numbers 1 or 2.
  2. I use Helios and when I am in the pilot pit on my second monitor, the TID is very light and hard to read. So I put the TID on my 3rd monitor and it is nice and bright. I have the same issue with the RWR in the Apache. I believe it simply is the fact that my second monitor is very poor on producing colors while my 3rd screen is much better. So the problem may simply be the ability of a person's monitor to show true colors.
  3. I gave up on the TM rudder pedals and bit the bullet and bought the crosswinds. Now I can fly the Apache much better.
  4. I love my new crosswinds and since they work so well, I am a little hesitant to make any changes. As the old saying goes, let sleeping dogs ...
  5. Yes. There is a discussion of this on CZS DISCORD
  6. Bunny The cpg small cwms panel does not have the hidden box checked in the layout column and the "eye" is showing in the layers column. The cpg lighting panel has the hidden box checked in the layout column and the eye is black in the layers column.
  7. Bunny This is how I currently have two panels. However, with this configuration, when I press the red button on the top screen, either both panels appear or both panels are hidden. This is not what I want.
  8. Bunny That does explain how come everything works so nicely. However, I do have a favor to ask you to do when you have the time. Assume that I have two panels that overlap. When I press the red button, panel A appears and panel B is hidden. When I press the red button again, panel A is hidden and panel B appears. I can almost get this right but I have to continuously hold down the button which I do not want to do. If you could explain to me how to do this, I would appreciate it.
  9. Bunny I have finished updating your profile to include all of the optional panels that you prepared. In most instances, I used a show/hide command to place two panels on top of each other with a button enabling only one panel at a time to show. It was somewhat difficult to do this with panels that had view ports, but by moving panels around, I was able to get all of the view ports to show. I placed the show/hide buttons on the lower right corner of my main monitor for easy access. I learned quite a bit in modifying your profile. However, I am still amazed how you are able to assign actions to the correct bindings. What the bindings do is very confusing and without a "chuck's guide" to the bindings, it really is like a black box.
  10. Bunny I think I found the answer to the missing bindings. It may be the reset monitor command. Your profile is on your 3rd monitor and mine is on my 2nd monitor. So as a test, I opened your original profile and did NOT do a reset monitor and all of the bindings were there. I then opened your profile that I have been working on in which I had reset the monitor. A number of the bindings were missing in this profile. So I simply opened two versions of the profile in the profile editor ---one in which I did NOT reset the monitor and the other in which I did reset the monitor to match my configuration. I then simply followed the bindings in the profile in which I did NOT reset the monitor and used such bindings in my profile. Note: that many of the missing bindings can be attributable to hidden panels. Is this important-- I do not know. I have no other explanation for the missing bindings except the above. I would like your thoughts on this. PS: As far as I can tell, everything may be working.
  11. Bunny Thank you for your response. I am attaching two pics. The first one shows how the tail wheel is set up. Also, in the INPUT column, I have bound the light change in the action column to the set physical state in the bindings column. Picture two shows that while the Actions are listed, the Bindings column is blank. Perhaps this has something to do with the way things get transferred from one computer to another. Any way, I guess this gives me a chance to experiment with the bindings column. There seems to be more than one method to do the bindings.
  12. Bunny Well after some trial and error, I was able to place all of your optional panels in the profile using show/hide buttons in monitor 1 so that the actual panels show/hide in the lower left corner of the profile in monitor 2. With respect to the CMWS panel, I used a show/hide button that swaps the lighting panel on the lower right side of the profile in monitor 2 with the CMWS panel, so only one panel appears at a time. Now all I have to do is code the new panels. I still do not understand my issues with the tail lock button. It still does not work properly. I don't know how I screwed that one up - when you have a moment, please check your profile again to see if is me or you. NEW: DID YOU ADD THE FIRE DETECTION PANEL TO YOUR LUA INTERFACE? I am not sure if I ever thanked you for your efforts.
  13. I just noticed that the quadrant diagram and arrows that indicate the direction of threat missiles detected is not being exported to my second screen. The quantity of flares and chaff show up clearly, but not the quadrant. What lua files are used to export the quadrant?
  14. Bunny where did you place the CMWS panel so that the viewport shows through?
  15. Bunny I didn't realize you had updated the profile, now all is well on the CPG comms panel.
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