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  1. Hey BlackLibary! Don't know if you'll see this but I curious how the GTR-18 Smokey SAM works in the navy equipment pack

  2. I have all the bort numbers as empty in the lua, and they don't show up when I pilot the aircraft, but when I place down an AI the bort numbers show up even though the description.lua lines for them are empty. Can anyone give me a hand? Thanks!
  3. This has probably been asked before, but does the dedicated server need to be installed on an actual windows os, or can it be installed on a virtual private server with windows server running on it. Any suggestions for which hosting company to use for the right one?
  4. bort number covering livery right now I have a livery made using the F18C_1_DIFF and F18C_2_DIFF. When I see them ingame a part on the stabilizer get's cut off and the vfa-37 bull shows through. how do I fix this? something to do with bort numbers I think but all of them are "empty"
  5. Recently tried out the tomcat with a human rio in the backseat. We used SRS and both UHF 1 and 2 worked but ICS between our seats didn't. Is their a certain switch or setting needed to allow communication between us? Or does it not work?
  6. I'd love a mix if a group allowed it because I love ground pounding in the hog.
  7. I'm looking for a realistic environment that is US based to fly the hornet. Preferably something that isn't hardcore realistic but just below for a nice balance. I've been flying for about 5 years in DCS now. Proficient in flying the hornet but not entirely proficient in running weapon systems. Able to attend most nights in NA timezones. Thanks :pilotfly:
  8. It turns out the analog stick I have on my throttle for controlling the cursor was not recognized as "centered" in the viper. TM TWCS Throttle. Thus, it had a slight movement within the TGP that made it unable to point track due to the movement. Oddly was working in the A-10C moments before.
  9. Since the latest update TMS UP short (TGP SOI) does not enter point track mode nor TMS RIGHT enter area track mode. It worked on the previous update. I'd provide a video but it wouldn't show anything other than the TGP page with no lettering for the mode beneath the crosshairs.
  10. Yes Gooby is correct above (thanks Gooby). I believe I know a lot of gouge within DCS and the hrs in the hornet may be higher but I'm about 99% sure its no lower.
  11. Is there any chance there is room for one more? I am willing to put in lots of dedication and am serious about training.
  12. Hello, I'm Woodsman! I'm looking for a realistic navy group to fly the hornet that has a good player base and has servers (Teamspeak or Discord, game) already established. I have Persian Gulf, NTTR, and am available on weekends and some weekdays in most time zones (I'm MST). I am serious about learning and am dedicated to putting in lots of effort. I am also looking for a well structured training pipeline as I believe this is important. If your group fits the above or if you know anybody who has a group like this. Please post below and we can get in contact. Experience: 4 years of DCS. ~70hrs in the F/A-18C EDIT: Even if your group doesn't exactly meet this, but is close. Give me a message as well
  13. Now that the majority of the Hornet is done with a few exceptions. Is there any new updates (multi-crew, new weaponry) that we can expect for the Huey?
  14. This is probably posted somewhere but when is the F/A-18C sale ending?
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