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  1. its the weight not the drag , and the huey is slow cruise 90-100kn any more and your pushing the engine
  2. I have this mod in OVGME but have never got it to work, that is probably my fault , but that is not the point I am mad that ed just removed a feature rather than fix it , I should not have to fiddle with the game code in order to get what I once had
  3. LALT+LSHIFT+Q is not the cargo cam , the cargo cam was a top down picture in picture view beneath the huey, which was broken due to a patch at the same time the gazelle tv screen was broken , gazelle was fixed, huey cam was just removed , easy option for lazy devs
  4. I can`t get into the co-pilot seat, and the controls hint for autopilot have gone in kneeboard page i hope this is not being wrecked as well, I`m still mad over the cargo cam fiasco .
  5. can`t see this or any of the other much needed updates/upgrades ever happening unless there is a paid for upgrade , this is a 8+ year old model it makes little commercial sense to spend dev time and ed money on it unfortunately
  6. hi Devrin. thank you i followed your instructions and it worked, only thing i did different this time was to copy and paste, before i was drag and drop no idea why it should make a difference, oh well thank you again for your help and for the mods ????
  7. hi could someone give me an idiots guide to installing gazelle english cockpit , i have tried both ovgme and manual methods but can`t get it to work . thanks
  8. sorry but i have no idea what you are talking about , am i missing something? who is capt zeen?
  9. I can no longer see the digital reading on the radar altimeter it`s too dim
  10. I can no longer see the digital reading on the radar altimeter its too dim, this is since last patch
  11. Hi. i would say 6 or 8 hrs , and thanks for a great server.
  12. Hi I have asked this before but got no reply so, Please can you reset mission more often so it is not always in the dark when i want to log on ,thank you.
  13. searchlights have been a feature of the huey since it was launched , so how is that a WIP addition?
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