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  1. I looked on the F16 manual, type DTOS on the search bar you'll see everything about it
  2. So there's no way to visually aim with the TGP, for example if a friend get a missile launch from a SAM and I Can see where it's coming from, I can't point it directly around this point ? I have to watch the F10 Map to guess a City near that launch and then write down the coordinates, then get a waypoint there ? That's damn weird..
  3. Hi everyone, I searched in like 15 pages but couldn't find anyone talking about it.. I don't know if it's named boresight but with the old TGP, you could press OVRD twice and the TGP would point directly where the plane is going. Just like the maverick ''VIS'' mode but without using mavs. I can't find how to do it with the New TGP. I succeed sometimes in SP (Snowplan) mod and then selecting HUD with DMS and then slewing it like that. Do anyone know ? Édit : I'm trying to visually aim with the TGP, without a steerpoint
  4. Did really no one thought that ECM is important ? Some features on the roadmap are not even that important.. seeing that useless ECM panel on my plane hurts me hard.
  5. Thank you. And when he asked for one, they said that he has to download the beta.
  6. :doh: Ok, that's the last time I'm talking to you. Getting tired of saying the same things again and again. Losing my time for nothing. What about making the first version of 2.5.6 stable at FIRST THEN starting to implemanting other features ? (definetly not gonna read your answer, it was just to help you understand what I'm talking about here.)
  7. So you're saying that in 4 months, NOTHING new came out, and ALL they did was fixing ? :doh: (By updating he means adding new features. I don't know how to explaint it with less words..)
  8. :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: WOW there's a actually talking about the same thing I'm talking. The way they update OB again and again rather than fixing what is already out. I hope the way you said it is gonna make other people understand what we are talking about here. Had to EDIT for Lunatic98, apparently, that was not enough. Einstein is back on Earth to find a way to explain it.
  9. :doh: :doh: :doh: How about letting the module as it is for the stable version so people that bought it still can use what they spent money for ? You're also saying that "ALL updates are in a beta state". How about having LESS updates to fix at once SO they can fix it easier rather than having a ton, not knowing where they're heading to and letting down stable players for months and months ?
  10. Anyway, getting of this topic cause the only things you all say is -If you want beta updates, go on beta -Beta is made for testing so that's why the updates are not on stable -They shouldn't update unstable update on stable. - aaand that's all about you say, and that's has nothing to do with what I'm talking about.
  11. Again and again and again. Stable means stable. So of course nobody wants to have a beta update on the stable ??? What we're all saying is that they should go little by little, because now, they have ton of sh*t to work out and they're not gonna make it until few months. Test few things, fix it so it's stable, make it live on stable, then try other things OR you're gonna let down every player that is on stable. The game is dead for stable players for now 4 months.
  12. Lynuux said "You need to contact support to get a serial number for Ka-50". That's why I said that they didn't gave him a key for those modules on Stable. Read the whole conversation. I'm gonna ignore the rest of your answer because that has nothing to relate with what we are all talking about. Are you gonna tell me that if he wants to fly KA50 and A10 he has to update to the beta as he can't get a serial number for stable ? Product is now keyless, ok, but not on stable. That makes it unobtainable for him.
  13. Yeah I rode that, than you BuzzU for that (now replying to the other guys) what I'm saying is that they keep adding new things instead of fixing what's already not working on the actual beta. I'm not gonna repeat myself again and again
  14. Lynnux, I asked him and he told me that he contacted the support and they said "Go play on beta to get the module working" so why they didn't give him a key ??
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