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  1. This drives me crazy. Can we push them again to let us use the English cockpit mod?
  2. Send me the script and ED or whoever may use my voice in a/the training video(s). It's hard for some of us to read the writing in the videos and we count of the spoken word to get us through these. English speakers make up a big section of the customers here. Everything should be available in English. And please, please no more English with the thick French accent like the Mirage training videos. Why in the world would they even think this would help us get through the training easier than a native speaker of English?
  3. Guys, is there anything I can do to increase the background color of the projected VTB screen? I can't see it during the day. Is there some way to darken the transparency using a lua file?
  4. just use the "B" key. It will open and close the air brakes. this is the same with "g" key for gear, "L" for cockpit lights, etc...
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lo0672304jf30zn/DCS_L-39C_Flight_Manual_EN.pdf?dl=0 not working
  6. Guys in the US, I'm selling my brand new Warthog stick. $200. see: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=191830
  7. I needed a stick with a rudder axis. I can't use pedals and have limited use of my left hand.
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