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  1. Who is "OP"? I'm attempting to get the password for the mod files.
  2. buzzard55


    I have a bad feeling that this project has faded away. It seems like all of the UH-60 related projects never make it. I hate that.
  3. Can someone please PM me a link to the files for the Blackhawk mod? I understand MAV is offline at the moment and I don’t want to bombard him with PMs. Thanks!
  4. buzzard55

    UH-60 mod

    Any news on the model without pylons? Very well done btw! I love the UH-60.
  5. Anyone have a link to a currently working flyable Bone?
  6. Yeah, hang onto your skirt Rider. After the F-14 release they should be able to re-attack the multicrew.
  7. Check out the LAV-25 COYOTE with Racal Radar Systems MSTAR. It's a ground type surveillance radar system.
  8. Is there anyway to get this working for Combined Arms? For Recon purposes, there is no ground radar for detecting ground threats.
  9. I know this is an older thread but I need assistance with adding a few things to a mod I have.
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