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  1. Was this update supposed to be in this months update ? Its not showing on the change log for today's (22/6) update.
  2. As in title, If the harrier can carry gbu 12s on pylon 1 and 7, can it carry gbu54s. Or is the pylon not capable ?
  3. I had the same issue, so opened up the mission editor and moved the hmmwv out the way. but lead jet wont taxi until the player has taxied out. found it easier to take off and meet him at WP 2, the rest of the mission worked fine.
  4. is it possible to have a link to your paints please, they look awesome but i cant find them in the files section. thanks
  5. Thanks for your good work.
  6. I am having issues with this mission, when the mission starts i am in the hanger cold and dark. my wing man takes off straight away after asking if i am ready to taxi. he then tells me to turn to way point 4 before i have even got of the ground. after shooting down the drones i am tasked to shoot down the traitor but i could not launch the magics, so shot him down with the guns. After returning to base and parking in the correct spot i could not complete the mission. I have had no issue with any of the previous missions. any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  7. I see, that's a shame, there are some awesome looking skins i would love to fly. thanks for updating your skins.
  8. is there any way to fix the way some user skins are displayed, there seems to be an issue with a lot of them not showing correctly. a similar issue with the Huey and mi 8 skins can be solved by changing some of the file names, is this possible with the sabre.
  9. thank you for your hard work heatblur. I cant wait to finish work today.
  10. Today is a good day, after a loooonnnnnngggg time trying, failing and trying again i finally managed to refuel from a tanker in one go. I thought this day would never come. :)
  11. After many, many months of trying to get to grips with DCS, some things are starting to come together.:) Air to air refueling on the other hand can kiss my @#?, i've murdered around 100 tankers so far in frustration :lol:
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