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  1. Pls give us (SC owners) the animated deck crew
  2. this is wrong , look at draconus post : he describes the correct way .
  3. You have to pull the handle. Move it back as possible. Wait a few seconds till the oversweep label lights up. After that u can move it completely to oversweep
  4. IFLOLs is setup for the Hornet. If you try to land with the tomcat, the Ball is leading u to low and to short. Also u get all the time the warning u are too slow.
  5. Thank you very much ! Now it works great !
  6. Could u pls explain how to input these ?
  7. would like to see the animation if we turn it on
  8. 2x 50 springs on each cam + the extension. Works pretty good.
  9. I would have the Option from the first Ka-50 Trimm. Where u had a time x to recenter the trim. Before the Trimm kicks in. Also not blocking the movement before center . More like the FFB version. But with a time center of 3 seconds or so
  10. yes off course , its modular
  11. Nice!!! If u have it 0vgme ready, could u share it please ? thank u very much !
  12. Thank you Victory ! Very interessting ! But can u explain a bit more specific which lights are for which purpose ? So when the lights are used dimmed and when bright , when steady and when blinking ?
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