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  1. I have both DCS on steam and standalone however in 2.5 the multiplayer option is greyed out in steam any ideas?
  2. Silver just top make you aware i think we can take Matt Wagner's message as message of conformation about Deka ironwork being an official third party
  3. pretty good so along as you dont overtighten the joining nut and then accidentally breaking it trying to get it loose. but luckily thrustmaster fixed it for free as it was under warranty
  4. surely this would also fit nicely into the huey to give an example of a upgraded civil huey
  5. I have had issue like that with bombers it is quite funny to watch them crash into each other as they try to find a parking place
  6. Slightly off topic but how many people work for VEAO. As sometimes i wonder how much resources do 3rd party devs really have.
  7. im confused so does VEAO still have a third party contract however have officially lost there development contracts with ED? correct me if i am wrong
  8. "i am the original designer" You would not be even allowed to say you were a chief designer LMAO. I know someone that worked on typhoon R and D and they are not allowed to disclose there work to anyone unless NATO authorized. So i think some lies are being told.
  9. I had the same problem looked around figured it out
  10. OMG yes pls. It is on the warthog base!!! Hell yes im buying this:pilotfly:
  11. Wags also included this at the bottom of the announcement. "With T.A.R.G.E.T software that allows for total interaction between different Thrustmaster USB controllers, with simplified configurations in simulators, and the use of a single preset for all controllers, The HOTAS WARTHOG™ joystick is ready for an enlarged ecosystem including among other development, new Add-On for Joystick." Is this hinting at replacement hand grip for the Warthog joystick base? That would save alot of people, like me, money. I also hope they will release a more authentic version by it's self though and an accompanying throttle.
  12. looks amazing can't wait to have something else to mess around with
  13. no you don't simply just buy it and copy the activation code. Then put this into your account on the DCS website
  14. so glad we are getting another Russian aircraft to fly. DCS would be empty if we only had Western aircraft. I also think the Shenyang interceptor being developed would complement the mig 19 nicely in combat
  15. I'm definitely excited to see where VEAO goes in the future and how they will improve with ever new module and each passing year!
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