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  1. I'm refreshing some of my navigation skills and I can remember that you can actually show steerpoints connected with solid line but I cannot remember how nor I can find in docs how to do it. Namely, when you set your 3 steerpoints they are represented with numbered point with small double slanted dashes symbol but you can also show them connected with solid line (usefull for creating the frontline representation on TID). I believe that it has to do with steerpoints and not with some other reference points. Can someone help?
  2. I've managed somehow to make it work. I've disabled everything except TX1, TX2 and Interphone... and went from there... Neverthless, it is behaving differently than before I must say but on the other hand, I haven't been using it for some time so maybe something changed in the meantime with updates. I mean, in order to use hotmic in F-14, I need manually to set it up in cockpit and then press TX Intercom once to trigger hotmic behaviour (I don't need to press it anymore afterwards). Neverthless, even it behaves differently, your answer lead me to the solution... meaning... I can enjoy my bromance with Jester over the New Years holidays Thanx @MAXsenna
  3. Basically the same except that you have TX press/release message in between. I've tried reinstalling the software and even forcing the profile to Send commands to target: DCS World but it is the same. This is first time that it happend and I just don't know what to do. It's not some incomprehensible error message, it clearly says that it recognized my voice and command binding but it didn't execute the command for which the software developer should know one or few reasons that can cause this otherwise they wouldn't put this error message as possibility. Windows Speech Recognition is working fine for an example... I tried opening Start menu, searching for stuff etc. This issue is mentioned in the VAICOM user manual but the recommended solution with deleting the export.lua file didn't help.
  4. Hi, I'm having trouble with VAICOM PRO... I'm getting the Command X is currently disabled for this session and it was not executed (see screenshot). X being any recoginized command that worked previously without any problem. I tested this in F-14 module with hot-mic but it is the same with any other module in DCS. I'm running latest DCS Beta release and latest VoiceAttack + VAICOM Pro with all the latest additional plugins. Is there anyone that is getting this issue or even better, knows the solutions for this? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all, I'm having an issue during the night F-16C missions and TGP that produces unusable image quality in WHOT and BHOT. The image is blurred and there is almost no help by using MFD brightness/contrast etc. to improve it. What could be the cause? I've uplaoded some screenshots from Syria quick mission Stop rockets rolling where you can barely see that there is something there (vehicle column).
  6. Thanks! That really helped and commands are now working!!! :) Can you please just confirm that part of the command in which you define angels, you are able to command only in 5000 ft difference? Like angels, 5000, 10.000, 15.000, 20.000, 25.000 etc?
  7. Hi, I have enabled VSPX processing and Extended Command Set and even though I don't have problem with other commands, the only that bugs me is: Scan Sector, Angels [0..70] at/for [0..150] The last one from the Radar Operations section of the manual for RIO commands. Whatever I say it doesn't work. When I took a look at the command phrases list, I couldn't find anything like that. I have 1021 keywords (in Edit tab). Bascially I cannot order him to scan exact range/angels when AWACS warns me about some bogeys.
  8. Well, that was a nasty surprise yesterday online when I hit merge with F-5... it felt like I had max bomb loadout on my pylons and one in my lap :huh: I had to go and check my axis, thought something was wrong with my stick :joystick: until I came here and saw other posting the same symptoms. Is this issue officially confirmed and on bug tracker and more importantly is it going to be fixed by next update?
  9. I just haven't found any usability or parallels with these tables and A-4E-C module.
  10. Diferrent weapon, diferrent values, so no... Snake Eyes are high drag weapons. You must test everthing by yourself on the bombing range and write down the values unfortunately. The table in my previous post is something that I've made to try to find similar values in the tables that I came across the internet but nothing really fits terefore I asked if the sight depression is being calibrated in the module at all as values in the DCS doesn't correspond to anyhing that I found by now.
  11. This is my quick and short notes on MK82 SnakeEyes practical employment. MILS = Sight depression angle Try it out (keep an eye on radar altimiter)
  12. The module is fantastic! It's a lot of fun and after some pause to the DCS it got me hooked again. I have trouble with figuring out the depression table values. Can someone confirm that the depression tables and actual sight is usable or I have to figure everything out in my own practice runs? I'm asking this because level bombing that I've tried didn't produce good results based on depression tables. On the other hand, when I did my own practice and took notes, I've managed to score hits easily but that is very tiresome to do for all the weapons and all profiles. Nevethless, thanks for this amazing free module!!!
  13. Hi, is this still "In Progress" as I'm experiencing the same thing and it's May 2020 (I'm new to Hornet)? Thanks!
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