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  1. Apologies if this has already been answered (I searched), but can weapons be released in CCRP onto a waypoint, i.e. is it possible to just designate a waypoint that is in the INS, vice diving and creating a designation? Acknowledging the M2000C was obviously not designed with A-G as a priority, I'm curious if CAS is even viable. Eg. JTAC requests bomb-on-coordinate GBU12 for ground terminal lasing, passes a grid/latlong...how can you drop the weapon on that position without creating a different designation in the dive? Obviously you can navigate to the point by creating a new INS waypoint, but without the ability to designate the waypoint itself it is somewhat limiting.
  2. You guys are wishing for something that is unrealistic. The JHMCS has an indicator for where the pod is slaved to, but there is no TGP indication in the HUD. Remember it is frustratingly still WIP, 'active designation' isn't full modelled yet...the way it should work is you select a wypt, and when you designate it, all sensors are slaved to that point. From there, if you slew it (using TDC) either via the HUD, FLIR, (AG RADAR), etc, it is now an 'active' designation. Thus the only indicator of where your TGP is pointed on the HUD is the designation diamond (not yet implemented)
  3. Request the option to have comms degrade with low level flying and range...IRL, even if it is airborne C2 (but obviously much worse with GCI), raging around low level inbetween the valleys of the Caucausus mountains would leave you with very intermittent picture/bogeydope information from C2. Might help increasing the realism with all the low-level players online, who realistically would be out of fuel with minimal SA of the air picture compared to aircraft at altitude. Note this works both ways, whereby friendly C2 may have no awareness of hostile low level players...
  4. I have Viacom Pro. Even with the settings you guys have mentioned, I can't disable the custom voice text that appears during missions/campaigns with voiceovers. i.e. if you run the standard A10C CAS NTTR instant action mission, the text box appears showing what Wags is saying "A mixed company of T55 tanks etc"...anyone know how to get rid of that?
  5. Anyone know if this is a capability on the F16, if so what block?
  6. One of many radar features yet to be implemented
  7. The TGT PT page is used for sending datalink coordinates between members of a L16 network, in the J3.5 format. Ie. the answer is ‘yes’
  8. Primary display for NCTR info is the Az/El page, currently WIP
  9. You are mostly correct. A/G HOTAS implementation in the Hornet is rather quirky, for example designatng a waypoint (boxing it to slave sensors in this case) requires manually pushing PB14, yet to undesignate it, the NWS button is pressed. Another example is the targeting pod, whereby changing FOV and zoom control are both on the throttle, yet to cycle between TV and IR PB8 must be pushed. Re. Setting which waypoint is the TGT in a sequence, that is essentially only done for TOT management, ie. to obtain a required groundspeed readout when AUTO is boxed. The pilot is most definitely not looking longingly at the HSI data sublevel to remember which is the TGT waypoint. Honestly, most of the guys I work with don’t even enter a TOT/TGT...they just reference the clock and know from mission prep roughly where they need to be at what time. But we definitely all box/designate the TGT waypoint when hammertime is called in order to slave the sensors to that point. Hopefully that clears it up.
  10. It will have a square around it. This is different to selecting/boxing it as the NATOPS describes, and I can understand the confusion. It is just displaying what is the reference waypoint for TOT/GSPD REQD when highlighted in the WP sequence. The TGT waypoint doesn't need to be boxed/designated via PB14 to provide GSPD REQD, but to get the diamond in the HUD etc it does.
  11. Yep so by 'boxing' it means pressing PB14 on the HI/MPCD ("WPDSG"). Nb. If you're in the USAF, due to political in/correctness, the term is "containerise" not "box"...
  12. Incorrect, pilot still has to manually desig a TGT WYPT. All it really allows is to add a TOT. 15 waypoints per sequence is the system limit. Also, no waypoints can be repeated in a sequence eg. a rectangular sequence requires 5 waypoints
  13. Race back to land and shutdown before they can crash, worked for me
  14. Is anyone competent with the CLS2Sim software and/or has a profile for the Airbus stick, I'm trying to create a profile that will replicate the F16. I've fiddled with the "%move limit" and "% negative move limit", setting them both to 5% for pitch and roll, which produces the required force to minimise stick movement, but when not applying a force to the stick it oscillates uncontrollably (actually bit worried it's about to shake itself apart). I can't seem to access the online profiles, so if anyone could help out that would be appreciated. Also feel free to try setting the limits as I did and see if you get the same reaction...
  15. GBU54 laser codes can be changed airborne, although they are not coming to DCS. Just as important, it gives the ability to lase anyone elses weapon onto a target. Not only a wingmans but any other laser guided weapon dropped by other platforms as well. ie. offboard lasing Edit: apologies, misread the question. Thought you were asking why we can change laser designator codes inflight (when the TGP arrives), not the actual weapon seeker. As stated, this can't be changed airborne IRL...except on -54's
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