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  1. SOW shut down? oh no ... this was the only really great WW2 server, the admin team put so much passion into it. it is a pity that ED was not supporting them. at least they should have fixed some of the bugs in all those WW2 models which have been reported months/years ago. without SOW running anymore, i really ask myself, why have i spent so much money into all this WW2 content?
  2. hm okay. i suspected it would be like that ... thanks anyway!
  3. hi guys, i usually fly the huey equipped with the miniguns and some missile pods. then, i set the copilot to "free fire", so he can use the minigun. the kneeboad here says sth like "flexible sight engaged". but while he uses the minigun, i woul like to use the missiles from my pilot sight. is this possible? when i set the weapon selector to missiles, i can use the missiles from the pilot seat. but every time the copilot starts firing the miniguns, the weapon selector switches back to the guns, so the missiles are not useable from pilot seat anymore. any ideas?
  4. thanks for all the input, i will have a closer look at these! does that mean that only these two aircrafts are able/allowed to start and land on the supercarrier?
  5. thanks! is there a jet you guys recommend with clickable cockpit which is not only suited for air-to-air combat but also for attacking ground targets? i like flying on the buddyspike blueflag servers ...
  6. you mean this page? https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/dcs_flaming_cliffs_3/ so theses [F-15C, A-10A, Su-27, Su-33, MiG-29A, MiG-29S and Su-25] modules do not have a clickable cockpit, and any other one has?
  7. hi guys, merry xmas! by now i have spent most of my (rookie) time flying the huey. now i am looking for a new aircraft to try. important to me is that the cockpit is fully clickable, cause i use a vr-headset. is there a list somwhere where i can see which aircraft-modules have a clickable cockpit? cheers seb
  8. oh, thats good to hear. seems like the Quest 2 has improved the link compared to the Quest 1 ... maybe i should give it a try. Reverb 2 sounds quite nice too, but i prefer the oculus software and drivers performance ...
  9. may i ask you one more thing? you say you use a Quest2. i guess you use it via OculusLink? how is performance and picture with this? some months ago, i tried a Quest1 with OculusLink, and summa summarum it was not better than my Rift CV1. there was a clear performance cost (because the picture needs to be compressed before sending it trough the cable), and compression also caused the picture to be washed out and blurred.
  10. as i said, i also felt those settings in nvidia panel had no effect. just thought maybe i missed some hidden "apply" button anyway THANKS for your advice! i made a big step forward: as i also felt the MSAA setting in DCS had no effect, i retried. and i was right, no effect. until i stopped the sim and restarted it. then i had the improvement. before, i was just trying to set MSAA without restarting the sim (as for other settings, DCS restarts automatically, i thought this one does not need to). so now, i have a much better picture, with PPD 1.4 and MSAA 2x. this has approx the same performance as PPD 1.6 and MSAA Off, which i had before
  11. you mean the MSAA in DCS settings? there are guides for VR optimization which propose lots of changes in Nvidia settings, like this one:
  12. hi guys, i am trying to optimize my rendering quality. what hurts my eyes most is the flickering edges. mainly on terrain and buldings. i want to get rid of this! i use a rift cv1, so my resolution is not huge. i have set PPD to 1.6 in OculusTrayTool, in DCS it is set to 1.0. there are some things i am confused about: increasing or lowering PPD does not really affect the flickering that much. of course the image is a bit smoother with PPD 1.6 instead PPD 1.2, but the difference is not as dramatic as in other VR applications i use (like Assetto Corsa). and the edges of i.e. buildings flicker just as much with both settings. following an advice i tried setting AntiAliasing in NVidia Settings. first i tried activating "Antialiasing - FXAA" then i tried activating "Antialiasing - Mode" and set "Antialiasing - Setting" to sth like 2x or even 4x. both did not change image quality in DCS at all! even the fps did not change, even when i set "Antialiasing - Setting" to 8x, which should have an impact on my fps. what am i missing?
  13. ah, i understand. you just replace the textures of those tiny grass-bushes with transparent textures! smart idea! but a generally working slider would be nicer. but after watching the video, i wonder, is that slider meant to affect those tiny grass-bushes anyway? it should - cause the really pop up at a distance way too close
  14. wow that is interesting. i never saw that dense grass, at least not on Syria and PersianGulf. i just dont have that. what i meant were those tiny bushes every 5 meters in your video. i thought these shouold be affected by the slider. but in your video, they are not affected. and when you fly over them, they keep popping up as they are only rendered to a max distance of maybe 50 meters.
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