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  1. What is? The A-12 (the higher and faster flying brother of the SR-71) lol
  2. At this point I'm waiting for "Vulcan" to release their own flight sim. LOL The new GPU's should help in the near future, if we can afford them. The future looks promising.
  3. Interesting idea. I'd love to see an F-4 fund, F-111 Fund, F-104 Fund, etc....
  4. Holding off until performance returns At this point I just check back monthly to see if VR has been fixed. Purchases on hold. Really like the concept of DCS but VR is a must. 2D and Track IR just won't cut it. I have my fingers crossed and I'm confident that performance will increase over the long term.
  5. I've had the same issues with the Rift CV1. Patiently waiting for more VR stability in DCS before I purchase anything else. VR is what makes DCS. Tried going back and just can't play on a monitor anymore, just feels blah. I am looking forward to the Reverb G2 and a new release Nvidia card later this year. i'll just focus on the gear at this point.
  6. Can't believe this thread is still going. Fairly confident thousands would abandon ED/DCS World if a subscription model was introduced.
  7. +1 Please merge DCS and Crashbandicoot. Don't ask questions. Just do it.
  8. I've flown in the cockpit of a C-130, takeoff and landing. It's awesome fun. I'd buy it over any current module I don't own. Just the fun of it. AC-130 version would be nice too.
  9. +1 for an Apache. +1 for an Army or Marine Corps AH-1
  10. Totally support the Switzerland Map. +1000
  11. Taiwan/China Map Panama Map Iraq/Iran Map Germany Map Mediterranean Map
  12. Who cares about other helicopters already fill that role crap (silly gamers). Give me the helicopter I went to war with, jumped out of with a parachute, rappelled out of, and FAST roped out of in real life and saved my life. Do people complain that Ferrari built a car when there was already a perfectly good Chevy Chevelle already on the road? Hell no, we wanted more!!! WE WILL BUY IT. IF ED BUILDS IT WE WILL COME. We want it because we like it. The H-60 series are bad-asses plain and simple. Far more stable then a UH-1. We want it because we are aircraft collectors and we want what we know in life and can relate too. TASK FORCE 160th Blackhawks, MH-60's so I can insert my Delta brothers, ODA's, Rangers, and SEALS near their objectives.
  13. Definitely the UH-60. What an upgrade from the Huey it would be! I have many hours in both and the difference is immense. Love both though. Plus you can have the special ops variant, naval variant and the air force one too. +1
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