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  1. that did it.. thanks.. driving me crazy and hard to find anything on that
  2. thank you. been trying to find a solution and googling for over an hour. about to try you lower FOV and see if that helps. Really hard to fly a night mission.
  3. There are two pictures which show it different from the top pic which show the wide hud verse narrow hud. The harrier hud was upgraded for the NA to the new wide hud. The picture at the top is not from the NA but from the trainer. The picture used does not represent what you would see in the NA.
  4. Here is a pic of a Spanish 2+ with the upgrade. If you zoom in on the hud you can make out the 20 in the bottom right of the hud that would have been cut off in the older style hud.
  5. Pretty sure that's the hud from the trainer not the NA
  6. Roth

    Laser JDAMs

    I have done it a few times... You have to remember the laser is only good for few miles so you might have been to far. I also always change the code off 1111 not sure if that matters. I dropped like a jdam and then after about 10 sec (I was up at 30k) sparkle on and it hit the new target.
  7. Piece of cake... setup is the same as the A-10 you just need to add the step of mapping two keyboard commands in the harrier. Says export mfds in the commands.. cant miss them. Here is the how to on exporting. https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Exporting_MFCD_Displays
  8. If it is close to after startup then it is INU is not aligned enough. Flight alignment is 3 minutes (speed appears), full alignment is 15 minutes. Not sure how long into the process till Autohover starts working as never timed it but it will not work for awhile after a normal startup.
  9. give it more before you try auto hover - full INU is 15
  10. Laser rangefinder operation mode for one flight, series: Each serie consists of 16 cycles of 10 seconds with 5 sec interval between the cycles. 5 Interval between the series, min: 30 pg 454 of the manual Everyone I train, I tell to hit the fire extinguisher and repair after each flight. It is rare but if you are using your laser range finding a lot during a flight you could loose it on your 2nd flight so best just get in the habit of repairing. Nothing worse than RTB cause laser burned out.
  11. if you are having issues try changing the language of the cockpit and then back. I had some bugs in the English one that went away such as shval not working and map not loading. The only bugs I have found so far is the lws power and test is well sorta missing and the hardpoint power lights are only orange when I turn away and look at them from 45% or so off center. Using track IR.
  12. Same issue on my side so I guess we are both missing something or its a bug. I usually am cold starting so I just enter current pos I used in aligning then the correct cords.
  13. Anyway to force it? Its not updating for me still on
  14. You mean the 2 mfds? They export fine using the LEFT_MFCD and RIGHT_MFCD options like you would for the f-18/Harrier/A-10 ect.. If you need a copy of one to play with let me know
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