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  1. hello will you share you rig, i am looking to upgrade my current!! thank you
  2. hello , Does TGP slave to a moving target or any radar target once acquired?... Thanks
  3. Hey let me know if you guys are joining/opening a server around 6 to 9 pm ET !!! currently flying the F18C Thanks
  4. Is there a way to "quick re-trim "on air? After drooping weapons'..or we have to use R-CTRL <?>:
  5. I heard someone saying that the reason for this is that the electrical system gets oversaturated with jamming (first priority) and radar. so the f18 cant handle both systems at once ...Not too sure about that..
  6. F/18 AIM120 are very uncappable and unreliable ..period
  7. For very long time I am being trying with different altitude set up beginning with HT 1500 default to 900 1000 2000 2500 or seems that the cluster explosion is not doing practically anything to a group of relative close together. I will say 1 out of 6 will get damage ..I see the explosion right on top of them ..they all walk away with minimum damage. I am missing something here ???
  8. Focus in one target, if you are capable to take off and kill a SA15 and come back home , that's mission success !!! typically fighter's only have one roll , if you are SEAD that's you mission, if you are cap, then you look and fight other jets....shoot you mavs and get hell out there..lol
  9. So once ECM xmt activate the AA radar goes to standby mode??? Sorry mi ignorance!!!!
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