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  1. You can also do this doing an mklink junction. This can be done by doing mklink /j "target" "original folder".
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    Community A-4E

    So a early 2019 release :P ?
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    Sound modding

    According to the DCS.log in 2.1 the mount_vfs_sound_path is now obsolete. How do we mount our custom sounds to our aircraft?
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    Loving it! Can't wait to fly this.
  5. Thanks, this works now and my mods don't fail integrity check now. Could I recommend that the Mods folder be automatically generated so people are aware that this can be done?
  6. I've only noticed that when at quite fast speeds. Anything below 600 it's slow (Maybe 500).
  7. I have always been interested on why aircraft mods fail integrity check (Ones that are separate to DCS, i.e. B-17 Mod). It's a shame because if i'm working on my mod i can't keep it in my mods folder as i will fail integrity check. However i was wondering if it could be updated as i don't see how a separate mod (not replacing any core files) can cheat the game. If the multiplayer server doesn't have the mod then there would be no way of me being able to fly it since they didn't add the slot.
  8. Do 'we have an estimate on when Round 10 is occurring?
  9. Dam the plane keeps looking better and better.
  10. I've also noticed this on the Viggen. (Non VR)
  11. Anyone have documentation regarding the ME-163. I have a couple on the flight manuals but not so much for the engine or aerodynamics.
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    PAK-FA Project

    Yeh that is on the large size. Cubance, take a look at the poly counts for other models on DCS World.
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