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  1. I guess I'll have to do that. I just deleted these files manually but that didn't change anything.
  2. So far, nothing has come out of it, I have lost my will to continue fighting, despite everything, thank you very much for your commitment.
  3. Thanks to Flappie that you spoke up. I turned off the antivirus but it was no use, so I am sending the log file. dcs.log
  4. Hello everyone ! After switching to the required system and updating DCS to version 2.7.2, two problems appeared, which will be illustrated by the screenshots: 1. Here I don't know what that might be because I have never installed these planes. 2. The second problem concerns the integrity check. I didn't change or add anything in the main game directory, I just added a few mods on the C : user / name / save game ... In DCS 2.5.6, adding mods there, if I remember correctly, did not cause any compatibility issues.
  5. I tried to do something myself so that I could hang the 6 x M117 on the central weapons node, but it didn't work out. Once I was able to do it with the Su-17M4 plane, but not in the case of the F-105. I even wrote to the mod's creator but he didn't answer me.
  6. How to hang M-117 bombs on all pylons in F-105 ? I tried this by adding them to all the pylons in the appropriate file, but in the M-117 game they were still only on the outer nodes. In addition, I noticed that with the A-10 avionics, bombing in the CCIP mode proved impossible, at least with the Mk-83 bombs. Thank you for any help!
  7. Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, I do not know where to do the right thing in the mission editor, I am rather weak at it, can you guide me more about it?
  8. Hello! The mod works properly on the mutliplayer server and also in the quick missions editor, but when I open the advanced editor this plane is not there. I don't know what could be wrong because the mod is installed according to the guidelines of the mod's authors. Best regards and thank you for any help.
  9. A few more entries like yours and hope for the long-awaited mod with a great model will be lost. Leave some hope for the poorer.
  10. Great news, finally a decent Su-17M4 model, good luck in your further work. In my country, these planes still fly today, it may not be economical to maintain old and less and less useful planes on the modern battlefield, but it's nice to look at and listen to them, I had the pleasure all last and this week. Best regards.
  11. Thank you very much for your precise answer.
  12. Thanks for the answer. But I am just flying on version 1.5.8. and it is ok outside the aforementioned visual problems.
  13. Hi! I'm testing the A4E on the game version 1.5.8 and besides that you can not see some weaponry under the wings, this bomb hangs in the air, you just can not see the pylons. Can you solve this problem in a quick and easy way? Or maybe somewhere to download a version of this fashion for DCS 1.5.8 ?
  14. Hello And if it is a "Gren Thunder" mod, or similar for changing the surface appearance of the map, how to do it with JSGME in DCS 1.5.8?
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