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  1. That is dependent on the key binding settings on your sim. i.e. ON - else OFF.
  2. Hi! Unless you want to activate two different functions with one "click", you use only 3 of the terminals. Mid is ground and the others go to the input terminals on your board. Sorry, I don't mean to state the obvious but just in case... The other 3 lugs on the switch housing are infact a separate switch, You just activate it simultaneously with the other.
  3. ”...when not in use.” I don’t get it?
  4. I tried all kinds of foams and found that none of them work if you have something solid under them, ie plywood in my case. So I made a belt webbing under the memory foam. Works great. No more numb butt.
  5. I have the first(commercial, not proto) unit. Zero issues with almost daily use.
  6. Most likely the problem is with your HMD tracking. You are in 3DOF. Restart usually cures this.
  7. Sorry, OP! I don’t intend to hijack your thread. Here’s from previous iteration of my pit. It allready includes the BuddyFox A10 UFC. The current build will also include some Viggen panels and some modifications to the standby instrument and IFEI areas. Possibly a mouse tray and Harrier weapons panel. We’ll see if that works out without being too confusing. Preferably I’d like some modularity, ie, able to swap the f18 ufc with f16 icp. Same with throttle.
  8. I’m building a full-on hornet pit at the moment. 100% VR also. Going through several iterations and now have a skeleton type of thing with all the panels and switches in their places. It is absolutely great for the F18. For all other aircraft, it can be a little confusing as to what control is where for each a/c. If you are not dead set on any specific a/c build, a generic layout that has all the necessary controls that are common to all a/c. ie. gear, flaps, hook, canopy, etc. This way it is way easier to remember what’s what. As to the tub design a question is mainly the seating position. Laid back easy chair(F16), more upright(A10) or comfy in-between (F18 ) You can build any of these frames and just use generic switch layout on all the panels. All these designs have room for 2 or 3 MFD’s. Let’s face it, a full-on F18 pit has A LOT of switches that you never use. My 2 c’s
  9. Genious idea! I have not really used the cameras as they tend to eat into available FPS. Don’t know how it is specifically with RS as it uses the cameras for tracking regardless. I had a set for a short while but didn’t like the fov. Otherwice, nice hmd!
  10. I haven't checked the screen but in VR(Index) it is too small. Sized for children. In settings, vr tab, force ipd to 60, seems more appropriate in size. Of course this alters the size of all other aircraft so may have to tick this box only when flying the Viper.
  11. Hi! Very nice!!! The guy from OpenHornet mentioned that the dcs pit is way off from the actual RL pit. Now there is a dilema now. Wether to build as close to RL or go with dcs measures? The later would certainly help in vr hand/”eye” coordination. Here’s my progress so far:
  12. In US, you can get quite affordable CPAP systems online. On a sidenote, if your doc even suspects that it would benefit you, go for it! It really helps you sleep better. It changed my life even I have only a mild case of sleep apnea. Using the same cpap machine for sleep and sim might mess with the annual monitoring of the treatment.
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