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  1. I've actually never been able to fully complete a campaign without some sort of scripting error that I have to work out. I think my record so far is about 3/4 of the way through a campaign.
  2. all of that can be done with moose and IADS/Skynet. Requires heavy lua scripting, though.
  3. the only way to kill Tom Cruise is to throw him back into the volcano fire from whence he came.
  4. I can. I'm not at home now, so this is going off of memory. This feature was broken for some time. Like years. On a whim, I tried it on an existing Syria generic environment mission I created -- one already populated with units, waypoints, triggers, scripts, etc and it seemed to work perfectly. Again, from memory, so play around with it: On the top menu, you'll see a "mission generator" menu option. You'll get a map screen that will show you different pre-defined areas/zones (little green bullseyes) you can select. You can also create custom ones based on coordinates anywhere on the map. You then have another set of menus where you can set the template type for red/blue or both. There are dozens of options like "blue, large offensive", "red small defensive". you can also define your own. These are your templates. Select one of these and you'll see either red or blue boxes overlaid on the map at the zone you selected. You can move these boxes around. Units from your selected template will be placed in these boxes according to it's labeled type. Click the "generate mission" button (or menu item -- I forget) and you're done. It'll add all the units randomly in the boxes according to the selected template types. it will even generate some simple tasking. Edit this further to add/remove units as desired. You're done. Bob's your uncle. be prepared to lose any mission you add this to. It took me several tries and several lost mission files to get it right.
  5. my mistake. The Huey -- not the third party UH60. The UH1 Huey seems to be able to fly fairly well without pedals.
  6. you already can do this within ME. I just did it for a training mission. You use the Random Mission generator in the top menu. What really surprised me is that it worked in an existing mission, and just added the red units to the area I defined. I can provide further instruction if needed.
  7. I flew Janes without pedals. One can have audacity of hope, can't they? The UH60 is hard, but not impossible without pedals.
  8. powershell script, windows task scheduler. You'd have to shut down the server, though. Also can be done with powershell.
  9. ugh. I spent the money with enthusiasm...and can't play the module. It's impossible without pedals, and my entire office setup would need to be redone to accommodate them. At least I'm the proud owner of a shiny new apache that I can look at!
  10. all of these wishes are going to be irrelevant if they don't fix the AI. In 10 years, I would like the AI fix they promised 10 years ago.
  11. Forgot to mention the chow hall for pancakes afterwards.
  12. Open the device manager and see if you have any red X's. If you do, that's the problem Then I would start by uninstalling the virpil software on the PC. A firmware update on attached hardware shouldn't affect the PC, but unplug the hardware just the same. Check startup programs to make sure nothing is side-loading on startup. Disable any unneeded running applications. Update windows. Open an administrator-level command prompt and type (without quotes) "ipconfig /release", wait for it to complete, then type "ipconfig /renew". Although I highly doubt that this is the issue. With all that failing, try to restore windows from a known good restore point. Then contact virpil support. You've got a weird issue.
  13. it can only be found by those who aren't looking for it
  14. 30mm HEDP rounds currently power *my* boombox with outstanding results. YMMV
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