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  1. Over the years Ive bought 2 of these items and within a short period both broke down. The vibrating units are crap and unreliable. Andres customer service is great, but his product is expensive and unreliable over time. Buyers beware.
  2. Ive been using the Rift for about a year.
  3. UPDATE - Its seems Oculus needed both a firmware and software update. All is fine now.
  4. I have the same problem, Details please on how you fixed.
  5. After suffering with the INFERIOR design and engineering of my Warthog stick, I would NEVER buy anything from TM again. Switched back to my CH gear which perform like a champ.
  6. Yeah, off my list for the time being.
  7. Yesterday . Earlier today I switched back to 1.5.
  8. Because generally its so damn dark when flying the A10C in DCS 2.5 at night ( in any map) , I cant see s***! ;) Surrounding landscape and buildings, when outside the Vegas area, are enveloped by the dark.. Even the illuminated dials in the cockpit are hard to see. And when flying thru Vegas things are much darker then in real life. This is why I went back to 1.5. I could see stuff at night in that version.
  9. I have lived here in Vegas for 18 years. At night when I walk out my front door, the town appears moderately lit to my naked eye. When I drive out of town into the desert, the immediate area around me is PITCH BLACK. Almost nothing is visible unless illuminated by car lights. When I look toward Vegas, its is BRIGHTLY lit. I feel DCS still needs a lot of work in lighting. I never fly A10C at night due to DCS 2.5 short comings in this area.
  10. How about a real basic one for noobs that have never built one? ;)
  11. Sorry, but Im not ready to sacrifice the great performance Im getting with 2.5.0 to update to the plague of issues with the most recent OB. I will stick with 1.08.
  12. Now, do your self a favor and get the Jetseat" and you will FEEL the engines power up. And feel the wheels bump down the runway. And feel when you engage the air brakes. Talk about immersion! https://andres.shop/
  13. Beside the loading problems I stated earlier in this thread, it also inconsistently sends out telemetry for use in my Jetseat and motion platform. If I start up a quick mission, then immediately start up TTI, 50% of the time it will output telemetry. I stopped using it due to this bug.
  14. Im running the latest version 1.17. Today for the first time, when starting the TTI mission Georgia, it gets stuck on the loading screen. Must shut down with Task Manager. Deleted that mission and tried new download of same one. Same thing happens . "loading".............. UPDATE -Tried version 1.08 and it ran just fine.
  15. VRFree gloves will allow us to use our hands to flip switches and turn knobs in DCS aircraft. http://www.sensoryx.com/product/vrfree_glove_system/ It will be a great immersion enhancer. If this sounds good to you, please sign the official petition to ask DCS to provide the necessary info to allow them to work in DCS. Otherwise it many never happen. If you would like to see DCS support VRFree gloves, please the petition at DCS VR Aviators. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1893278417412009/ (I was in contact with VRFree CEO and he thought this petition might help in their dealings with Eagle Dynamics). UPDATE - Well, given the limited response so far, I doubt ED and VRFree gloves will spend the time and money to make it happen. It looks like X Plane is supporting them so if you want VR hands that work switches in a flight sim. it will be there.
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