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  1. 1. No twist version please. 2. Yes for a WH version
  2. I have been doing some board prep for my CDU. All that is left is to get it all wired up. You can see the my full post on my Blog
  3. mate, i see you have two titan x pascals, do you have them working in SLI? if so could you tell me your nvidia settings? my titans get lower fps in sli than in single gpu mode I don't run them in SLI for dcs, at this point I am using the second card for the extra video ports. Thanks for sharing that. It looks great. I particularly liked your journey Thank you.
  4. I wanted to share my new blog site for the upgrading of my Simpit and just general DCS posts. I am no expert and mostly doing this for fun while documenting the steps i am taking to upgrade my pit. https://mafiasimpit.wordpress.com/ Thank you and Fly Safe o7
  5. i left the keys as default in the Razer program and in game they assign separately just like any other controller. Baldawg, i never thought about using peg board, i may use that to build out the rest of my cockpit.
  6. My SRS is failing to open once the EXE has been opened. I have 2 error logs from my event viewer and the client log for SRS attached. Event viewer application error.txt Event viewer error .net runtime.txt clientlog.txt
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