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  1. You're welcome Gabuzomeu ^^ Very good job ! Just a little mistake on the nose landing gear door (91 and not 091). Perfect job !
  2. Merci floOo :) Je dois apporter une modification sur le 115-YG, j'ai oublié l'inscription "1917-2017" sur la dérive droite, je regarde ce week-end pour une version V1. Un pack 2/5 est prévu :thumbup: Voici la suite normalement: - Skin pack 2/5 "Ile de France" nouvelle immatriculation (115-xx) - Skin pack 2/5 "Ile de France" ancienne immatriculation (5-Ox) - Skin pack 1/5 "Vendée" (5-Nx) - Skin pack 1/2 "Cigognes" (2-Ex) - Skin pack 2/2 "Côte d'Or" (2-Fx) - Skin pack 5/330 "Côte d'Argent (330-Ax) - Skin pack CEV, DGA, prototype - Déco spéciale M2000-5 188-EF 100 ans SPA88 Manque plus que du temps libre pour faire tout ça :smartass:
  3. Hello, New skin is available: Mirage-2000C 2/5 100 ans SPA84 https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3121707/ Good flight !
  4. Thanks sushy ! :) New skin in development !
  5. Hello, New skin is available: Mirage-2000C 3/11 100 ans SPA69 & 88 https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3110793/ Good flight !
  6. Hello ! New skin of Mirage-2000-5 188-EL S/N 58 of the EC 3/11 Corse squadron based at Djibouti airbase (aircraft saw in 2016 with this camo for 100 years of SPA 69 "Cat Head" and SPA 88 "Snake"). This camo was worn on a Mirage-2000-5 and not a Mirage-2000C. Skin package is finished and soon downloadable :thumbup:
  7. Hello, New skin is planned :thumbup:
  8. Hi, New skins are available: Skin package EC 3/11 "Corse" & EC 4/33 "Vexin" https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3099018/ Skin package EC 3/5 "Comtat Venaissin" https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3100908/ Good flight !
  9. For me, I think this skin will be fine again for 2.5 (without dynamic nose and tail number system) But, if there is a problem, don't hesitate to contact me. With pleasure ! :thumbup:
  10. Hello mr_mojo97, Yes, this is the skin of Mirage-2000C 5-OP. You will find the skin updated without dynamic nose and tail number system on the link below : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1766090/ (performed and updated by YoYo). It works perfectly on my DCS :thumbup: See you soon !
  11. RafaleTiger

    EC3/11 WIP

    Hi sushy, Nice work ! I planned to do this special paint scheme but you were faster than me :smilewink: Do you need additional photos ? (I started to prepare the project) Anyway, thank you for this beautiful skin ! :thumbup: (The blue on the vertical stabilizer is too dark)
  12. Hello, A new skin package for this week-end ! This is a skin package of EC 3/5 "Comtat Venaissin" for 5 Mirage-2000 C RDI : Mirage-2000 C RDI 5-AP n°38 Mirage-2000 C RDI 5-AA n°41 Mirage-2000 C RDI 5-AC n°47 Mirage-2000 C RDI 5-AI n°56 Mirage-2000 C RDI 5-AO n°70 Skin package is finished and soon downloadable :)
  13. Hello, New skin package of EC 3/11 "Corse" and EC 4/33 "Vexin" for 5 Mirage-2000 C RDI: Mirage-2000 C RDI 33-LE n°79 Mirage-2000 C RDI 188-YC n°83 Mirage-2000 C RDI 188-YR n°91 Mirage-2000 C RDI 188-KG n°104 Mirage-2000 C RDI 11-LJ n°119 Skin package is finished and soon downloadable :thumbup:
  14. Hello everyone, Skin package EC 1/12 "Cambrésis" is finished and now downloadable from the link below https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3097810/ Have a nice day !
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