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  1. This module is so much fun, but it really shows how fast airplane technology advanced in WW2. I've always known that, but now I REALLY know that lol. Flying this and then flying the late-model 109 is like moving to a rocketship, the hp is just ridiculous! I hope we one day get a P-40 or something that can be on pseudo-equal footing. This module is so cool, though. It's really well-made but it also gives you a real appreciation for the other late war planes we have. I think it's important to represent all periods of aviation history from the beginning of WW2 to modern jets. This model, as far as I'm concerned, represents the very genesis of the WW2 fighter!
  2. It gets easier. I've been practicing takeoffs for a few hours due to being so terrible at first, but I can takeoff reliably now. Not yet smoothly, but reliably. The key is anticipating the rudder commands. As soon as it starts to drift you have to correct it and don't be afraid to correct your correction. Active rudder the whole way down is what's worked for me. It's really just practice but being quick with the reaction is what's important.
  3. This is exactly the kind of community outreach that we really appreciate. Thanks for putting in the effort to convey your work.
  4. so is it best to assign this to a rotary knob? If I assign buttons to it you only get full/half/closed. That doesn't seem to have the fine control its designed for. I'm only asking because I had my only rotary assigned to something else.
  5. I really didn't think that mattered. My interpretation was that for the Monitor there's no rendering done, it's just a mirrored image from one of the VR lenses. I'm sure it takes a bit of processing to display the image, but since it's not rendering anything extra, that power would be extremely minimal. Am I wrong with this assumption?
  6. I can't figure this out. When I use the trim button (hat on stick) I get no response from the stick or ailerons. Nothing moves. The Trim doesn't change but the trimmer hat is animating as if it were doing it's job. I do get the light indicating 'takeoff-trim' but, like I said, the stick doesn't move, the ailerons are dormant, and its quite noticable in flight that trim isn't working. WHAT IS GOING ON!?? I found another thread claiming the same thing from multiple people but there was no resolution.
  7. wow, this is a pretty annoying bug. I finally download all of this stuff, get in, and lame... black box flashes on the screen every 30 secs or so. Talk about annoying. I know it's beta but damn... I guess I'll be waiting a week to play with the Yak. idk if it does it with all planes but the Viggen is horrible and it definitely happens in the Yak pretty often too.
  8. Any chance of a follow-up DCE campaign? I would love to see one with the Hornet in the Persian Gulf. I think your campaigns are the best thing that's ever happened to SP in DCS.
  9. It's really hard to believe that they wouldn't release the P-40. A year ago they claimed that it was ready for EA, but they were going to hold it back until 2.0 so they didn't have to keep up with the client updates/bugs. It seems that releasing a whole new module would be pretty lucrative when it's almost completed already...
  10. Oh well. We'll have to wait till next week when ED pushes the Hornet improvements... I'm not worrying about rigging an update that won't pass integrity. Thanks for trying tho!
  11. The FW190 isn't just one plane. It went through MASSIVE changes throughout the War. The Dora is a long-nose, TurboCharged v12, High-Altitude, significantly-stretched Fighter-Bomber. The A-8 is a Radial powered, low altitude, much shorter A2A specialist. They were actually made the same year but were very different planes. The long-nose interceptor versions (like the Dora) really should have had their own distinct identity, their own name. If it was called the FW-180 everyone would be fine with it, but it really is a separate species.
  12. That's not really considered supercruise though. Barely exceeding mach 1 with the lightest armament possible only demonstrates that most modern fighters AREN'T capable of supercruise. It's really only the very latest jets (of the last decade or so) and older interceptors that truly demonstrate supercruise capability. It's a pretty amazing feat.
  13. This is such a great change. I'm glad they finally addressed this issue. Study's actually indicate spotting should still be somewhat closer than 9NM tho. An F-16 is only reliably spotted at about 7-8km based on data. It seems that if they removed the dot all-together (for small aircraft) it would be more representative of normal combat conditions. Then again, I can see AWACS from a really long distance in-game without the dot, so maybe they could just remove it for all planes. Anyway it's a great step forward.
  14. I love the Bronco. I'm not sure how useful it would be in DCS, but then again the Yak-52 isn't useful and it's great!
  15. More than a bit. If you listen to pilot interviews (even airline pilots) they generally say spotting is incredibly difficult. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes you can know right where to look and still never see the other plane, even with a few thousand feet. That, to me, sounds a lot like DCS currently. Commercial pilots talk about how difficult it can be to see a 737 at 2 miles at the same altitude and with controllers telling them where to look! Spotting small jets in a combat environment that are flying 1000ft AGL is SUPPOSED to be hard!
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