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  1. At least you should include Turbo Porter P6. Not all military operations are about dogfighting, ground-pounding or skirmishing and the P6 was used in the Australian Army early to mid 80's for a variety of roles including the insertion and pickup of recon patrols. I'm totally disinterested in jets these days and won't be buying any more. Thank goodness for the Huey and the Mi8 but a P6 would be sweet ... so would a Dornier 228 or a Cessna 208. Just pointing out that the mantra of "no Cessna's etc in a Combat sim" is not only historically inaccurate but pushes the idea of DCS from a serious past-time to simulate real world strategy into a simplified air quake game albeit with complex avionics. P.S. Just an observation; IMO the oft quoted reference on this thread of how X-Plane is a sub-optimal sim is out of touch with current reality ... ppl may not prefer it over others, that is fine but it's patently not ridiculous as a platform. I would still prefer the open worldness of XP or P3D (their terrain is graphically superior imo) within the context of the DCS flight & systems modelling and mission development universe.
  2. That's strange. I don't have English as an option. Only Default and Chinese; neither which I speak or read.
  3. Very nice module by Belsimtek, thank you.
  4. Um .. Belsimtek releasing an F-5 module? Awesome! :P
  5. Firstly, I'd like to thank Razor and Cibit for the hints and tips to get me up and running with the Mi-8. But I must say Belsimtek that I'm NOT a fan of the LSHFT + LALT + C solution for looking out the window. In this day and age of flight simming development the key-press solution is archaic at best and doesn't take advantage of the proprioceptive qualities inherent when using TrackIR. I use TrackIR and one of these days soon will be using VR. Having to go through a keypress solution which then catapults ones head out the window is very un-natural and provides no natural positional cues to allow fine control of the helicopter. Maybe the solution is not to apply the virtual harness too tightly? I've never been in a Hip, but I seem to recall that I had more room to move in a Kiowa to look around than I do in the Hip, and the distance between seat and sill look fairly similar.
  6. I use TrackIR and can confirm that this is still happening in 1.5.4. It's a very disjointed and un-natural head movement, almost like a really bad fps stutter. If this is a *feature* I don't think it works :). I have turned head movement due to G-Forces OFF but it still happens during translational lift as described by OP.
  7. Conex has released the Revision 1 of the new DreamFoil Schweizer 300CBi. Review here (https://www.helisimmer.com/reviews/review-dreamfoil-creations-s300cbi-x-plane/). If you're into choppers or thinking about getting into them this chopper is a good basic trainer (on of it's roles incidentally), before tackling the awesomeness that is the Mi-8 or the Huey. I'm hoping Conex (from DreamFoil) might foray into DCS World and do a module someday. His helicopters are works of art as well!
  8. That's a good idea; I'll be doing that as well. I was actually curious about beep trims and looking for them has been one of the many tasks I've set myself on the road to Hip mastery. I've just made another mental note to spend the day just going through your video's Simon, it's likely the fastest way for me to assimilate quality information. (I probably should stop making mental notes and use a post-it ... not as sharp at remembering details as I used to be :lol:)
  9. Hehe, I hear you. I'm hoping that when VR matures enough that it'll change how I do my virtual flying. I'm thinking that not having the inner ear provide positional perception queues in sim must be pretty hard. Talking about duffers, I guess we're all a bit guilty of being one ... I mean, grown supposedly mature men sitting transfixed in front of a PC monitor; daydreaming about glory days :D.
  10. IT WORKS!! Hehe. For some reason it's just started to work after I did the update for stable as I couldn't get it working before; probably just my clutzy fingers. Mapping it js button. Really hard to control lateral drift. It's only a small amount but constant and when I try to correct it ... mucks it up lol. Haven't tried with a load yet, just picking a reference object and trying to maintain a constant position in hover over it. Any tips?
  11. Thoroughly enjoyed both videos Razor! Thanks & subscribed. That Erickson Skycrane is one awesome helicopter; hard to believe it's lift capability when it lifts that construction digger in the first vid.
  12. Heh, you're both spring chickens! Andy welcome :D
  13. IXEG's 737 Classic does a pretty good job. Best I've seen, but only when parked or taxi!
  14. I believe that currently there is no allowance for it at all; the TrackIR limits are too restrictive. I cant even get my virtual head to the frame and it must confer *some* additional advantage :). Notwithstanding that, when the window is open I should be able to get my vision over the sill a wee bit more.
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