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  1. Hi, on 2D screen you can grab it with your mouse and resize and move around (at least last time I checked). I never adjusted this with mods (so answer: don't know). I don't have VR.
  2. 100% +1, accesibility is extremely important and I hope ED will have enough empathy and wisdom to finally see it.
  3. I have participated in the original track file with Seapiglet, but if we get any attention from ED, then I can produce one every day
  4. Hi, I'm sorry, now I see I sounded harsh. I'm not english native I am super puzzled by ED not seing this pattern and I wanted to know if you suggest anything particular with your question (in hope that I may bo overlooking something or doing something wrong). For me, as a pilot in multicrew I want to pay as little attention as possible to cockpit, and paying most of my attention outside the window to react to any possible dangers. Therefore - my CPG does the clicking and I go where the CPG wants me to go. And with this bug - I don't know what to expect and what is consistent. I want to be sure that I see what my CPG tells me, and it is the same in my instruments as is in my CPG's. And that CPG can use his tools to communicate with me. And BIGNEWY can't replicate so... that's it? Not okay.
  5. Where are you going with this question? You can see the waypoint status only in cruise mode, so kind of obvious. Do you claim that it works for you (when other pilot updates DIR to a waypoint not on current route, it automatically updates waypoint status to that waypoint on your IHADSS)?
  6. Hi, this issue is persistent for me after the update. I don't agree it's hit-or-miss, it's very consistent for me that DIR selected by other pilot is not updated on my IHADSS if it is not included in the current route.
  7. For some targets, including T72, there is no smoke visible on TADS while in TV mode. The smoke is visible for these targets with FLIR and with naked eye.
  8. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/filter/user-is-Qnnrad/apply/ I have just tried it, and no crash, though not perfectly in the center for me
  9. Hi, two news - 1. I have updated my mods to current version, with additinonal SCAS windows and markers! 2. I have checked my mod with your position coordinates - and it worked for me. It was off the center by far, but it worked and no crash. Maybe you forgot a logic marker (e.g. "}", or missed "," somewhere)? If you like my mods, then go ahead to download new version with SCAS and try to perform your location mod again I hope it works this time!
  10. Hi, yeah, I have just checked and it surely breaks Integrity Check, so you can't join public IC check servers. You can set up local mission with group/friends and no IC check, make sure you all, including server/host have it installed. Hopefully we get official Robbie Tank removal (therefore ability to take 1200 ammo), because this is a huge game changer in my opinion.
  11. Hi, If you want it for yourself, then you should try it! It should be easy if it's just for your screen (you can use numbers to fit it, but when I wanted to make a solution that works both for me and you, I had to use math and logics). Go ahead and edit ControlsIndicator_page.lua, around line 150, in local function draw_base(): base.init_pos = { X , Y } Where X is for position in the horizontal axis, and Y is vertical. For Y, to be on top, use default '1 - size_h_05 - margin'. For X, start with number 0.5 and add or substract (e.g. 0.45, 0.55, 0.62 etc.) to move it left or right. I think you have to turn the game off everytime you want to make changes. So, start with {0.5 , 1 - size_h_05 - margin} and find your spot. Though remember that depending on the resolution, the position might be different with this method. If you like my transparent controlsindicators, go ahead to work on that file.
  12. Hi, I've tried for an hour but can't figure out how to put it right in the center. This code is very fiddled, and there's a lot of reverse engineering to see what each number does. Sorry :< Top-left (original) or bottom-left (my mod) are your options, untill someone with talent and time helps with that request. Don't count on ED to make it, its on the bottom of their 'to do' list. I think they've never given us any location option for this, I can only recall Gazelle (it was an inspiration for my mods for other modules), but it's not ED.
  13. I have created a mod for 1200 rounds, currently waiting for admin approval. If you want it today, PM me and I will send you! Otherwise keep checking https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/filter/user-is-Qnnrad/apply/
  14. Trees in Georgia can reach from 100 to 150 ft above ground. Though, the highest tree in Iran is about 80 ft. Also, the AI is quite dumb in DCS, and don't expect it to plan in advance. It's just reacting to what's under him, so it may be too late when the slope raises. Also, AH-64D weight and power have a huge role in climbing capabilities (limiting them). You better pay attention, plan your route and help George!
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