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  1. I have watched this at least 10 times today gives me chills. Amazing work.
  2. I was landing and taking off on ships all night, and I am here to seen if there is way to tie down the helicopter. I guess not :(
  3. I spent many, many, hours flying the Horten in other sims, imagining myself as a Luftwaffe test pilot. I love the craft, and personally hope to see it in DCS one day. We all play for different reasons. Prototype or not this is an iconic plane that's been featured in games going all the back to Secret Weopons of the Luftwaffe. Along with Normandy, the current ww2 planes, give me the 163, p-38, p-47 and a flyable b-17 and I would have everything I ever needed in a ww2 sim. I know I am not alone.
  4. Hello, My real name is Rob, I'm a Truck driver from Texas and run all over the United States. When I am home for my time off, I enjoy spending time with family and pc gaming. I started as a kid in the 90's with FS 4.0, the Lucas Arts flying games(SWOTL anyone?), Strike Commander, the Comanche series and then IL-2, LOMAC and FSX later on. I've known about DCS since Black Shark and purposely avoided buying a joystick or HOTAS for 8 years in fear of it becoming a problem but finally decided to go all in about 3 months ago on a sim setup. The main draw to DCS for me is the models themselves. I see digital models no differently than say a plastic or radio control model which is my other passion. I see each module as a work of art to be explored and learn about. I would love to be able to fly with people and do multiplayer but my biggest struggle is time. I get about 4 days a month to play and when I do it's in VR mode. I am very excited about the future of DCS.
  5. Hello wonderful DCS community, by the time I get home in a few weeks the Normandy map should be live, and that along with the new policy regarding Steam keys for future releases it's time to say goodbye to DCS world on Steam. Does anyone have any advice or tips for making this as easy and painless as possible? Luckily, I have no game saves, missions or mods to keep except I'd like to keep my awards, pilots log and hotas bindings. I currently own the base free game, I'm getting Normandy, and I have 5 modules that I have only activated once each on my computer through Steam. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. I do know there will be separate installs for each map until the great unification, but I don't want to have both Steam and stand alone versions on my pc so it will be 1.5 and 2.x.x(Normandy). I am trying to avoid problems with activation, and conflicts. I also use VR if that makes any difference.
  6. Thank you so much, that's exactly the help I was needing. Besides the extra weight, is there any disadvantage using the the x2 dual missle rails? Right now, since I am still training, I pretty much just set up simple intercept missions with large slow moving bombers and cargo planes and sometimes need a couple to bring down the larger birds. I am having so much fun with DCS and the mig 21.
  7. Greetings all, I have about 30 hours on the Fishbed now I and absolutely love it. I have been trying to find a guide to the air-air missles and I'm having no luck. I'm wondering what a good default AA missle loadout would be. Right now I run external fuel on the belly, x4 R-60m on the inner rails, and 2 Radar guided on the outside Rails.. What are the best general purpose Radar guided A-A missles to use? and are the R-60m a good choice for IR? Also, If anyone has an easy trick for memorizing what numbers on the weapons selector switch corresponds to which rails that would be great. Whenever I get into a combat situation I always forget which number is which missle. Despite watching it leave the rail and trying to remember. Thanks for any help. I'm trying to get about 50-100 hours in before going online and being target practice for the aces. Lol
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