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  1. Push still a problem in Open Beta
  2. uh very old latest release is JAN 22 anyway try this: https://github.com/DCSFlightpanels/dcs-bios/archive/refs/heads/master.zip
  3. no not hub its FP. but the latest release version. Try the master branch, there is a fix for this switch
  4. which BIOS version? Test is an extra button/switch
  5. We tested the Chat feature today and i must say not bad! sure needs tweaks but it goes in the right direction. Cool features would be: - Method to play Sound files on an freq. i often use recorded Radio transmission slike Radiostation (AFN) for music, ATC traffic for immersion, ... - setup an Atis for some Airports and an weather report for CVN
  6. Try my version: DCS-raygun.lua Apache, A-10A F-14A Integraded And error handler integraded because for log entrys some tweaks
  7. Hi i search for a switch function for HUD Brightness DECR / INCR VSDI Screen Brightness DECR / INCR VSDI Screen Contrast DECR / INCR HSD Brightness DECR / INCR one switch for DECR and an other for INCR
  8. On my last mission i noticed that i can look throu the whole HSD. I can see the engine instruments. (upper left corner HSD)
  9. Hi, after an battle with an AAA i got some Damage in the hydraulic System. An on my way back to an Emergency Airport, i put the gear lever down and no gear comes out. -> no Hydraulic preassure But the soundfile of the Gear deploying was played. F2 view shows no gear down. i twist the lever and gear comes down via emergency also with sound -> OK should the sound played if no gear comes down?
  10. the ns430 for the Gazelle is not buyable?! i have the module and base 430. Is this normal?
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