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  1. Sorry if this has already been addressed, but is stats tracking still in use on this server? Seems I can't get it anymore.
  2. I'm sorry- Kolki. All the rest of the stuff still applies.
  3. So on the Sukhumi mission- Kutaisi airfield (start point for F-5's), is set to neutral so nobody can arm up or start.
  4. I tried again just now. Only seems to happen in the Sukhumi mission. I can't get ground crew to respond or arm up the helo. The Gazelle M comes preloaded with hot missiles though.
  5. Have you guys noticed on the TigervsFishbed mission that helos can't be re armed or refueled? I've tried at the FARP and on an airport. Also, I've only tired blue helos.
  6. agreed- Kills in the 21 seem more 'earned'.
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