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  1. New share link for the video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LURmByGNi1IgPBxeXOxiex7HmakoaaLF/view?usp=drivesdk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. When plane is started in cold and dark it will not read the entire band of a throttle. But get a full throw from a hot start. At first I thought it was a detent problem. So I tried turning them off completely and it didnt help. Then I thought it was my throttle (TUSBA2) so I plugged up my warthog and it does the same thing. Cleared out saved games and it didnt help. reinstalled and same behavior. Video of bug https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LURmByGNi1IgPBxeXOxiex7HmakoaaLF/view?usp=drivesdk Video Info First I show the bug in a cold and dark plane using instant action. Notice how the throttle will not go into AB even though detents are turned off I then show the axis tune so that you can see the throttle is getting full range. I then go on to load into a hot jet and it allows of full use of the band. I made a mission were I hop into a cold plane throw the throttle showing the bug and then go into a hot plane and show the full throttle control. DxDiag.txt throttlebug.trk
  3. Well I did more testing and its not just the TUSBA 2 throttle. It did it with my warthog also. Also it only appears to be happening if the plane is cold and dark. If I start the plane hot the throttle has full throw but if the plane is cold it wont allow for full throw even after start up.
  4. Alright to get the obvious out of the way I have the afterburner detent set to "Always off". I have tried setting it to on and binding a key for the afterburner detent both on my throttle and via a keyboard command. I can see the command going though and no matter what I do the system will not lift into afterburner. Is anyone else having this issue?
  5. Neon

    Buddy Lase

    Ok so me and a buddy were all setup I was in a F-16 lasing the target (1688) and he is dropping on a way point I give him to the target. But no matter what we do we cannot get buddy lasing to work. Is this currently broken?
  6. Hey Andre do you sell replacement shakers? I think I had one go bad. I also sent you a PM but you can ignore that I found the thread.
  7. Does anyone have a guide for using the transponders in the different planes? I know they get handed off from SRS to lotatc because I see some planes have it but some of us cant figure it out in some of the planes.
  8. Not sure if they changed something in the map the but the VHF freq for Al Minihad AFB is 118.550
  9. Hi I am one of the people working on a Gripen community mod that is built on your JF-17. While I understand deka has better things to do than help a mod we would just like to know one thing. Is there anyway we can make the plane see new hardpoints? The model we have for the gripen has a hardpoint for the TPOD and we would love to be able to use it. But when we make a hard point in the entry the systems don't see it. Is there anyway we get it to see it?
  10. Neon


    I mean in theory yes. I would have to know more about what your talking about. I mean people can use the same code as the JF-17 if they dont care about the probe being able to be stowed.
  11. Neon


    So basically you all are right. For the JF-17 the fuel boom is not animated but for the Gripen it is. So right now you can have them install the boom and the gripen will extend but there is no way to put it back and its not animated. The Ai, which will fire whatever ARG it needs to, can already refuel. I do know that I need to fix the the boom location just a little bit, its a tiny bit to far down. 22 is the DCS wide arg used for the refueling probe or probe door. Most of the planes use arg 22. I had the VSN guys make it so arg 22 and 901 will fire the animation for the probe.
  12. Neon


    Basically the jf-17 uses the coms menu to trigger the activation of argument 91 (I think I don’t have it in front of me) which is the animation argument for extend probe. We need to find a way to make a AAR switch also trigger the extend probe argument.
  13. Nope I have just ovgme in just about every way and never come across that would be a cool feature but I am pretty sure ovgme is in a it’s done state with the developer.
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