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  1. If you'll be flying online you'll need Normandy. And you'll also need Normandy to fly the other two spitfire campaigns available. The Channel isn't very popular online but it's really great and necessary for this campaign. You'll also need to buy WWII assets pack. Sent from my M2012K11AG using Tapatalk
  2. This was it. I got into the bad habit of never checking altitude for INS alignment back when the initial altitude was always already set correctly. This should also explain why I couldn't see the cross on the HUD for some waypoints when approaching them. Many thanks!
  3. Is it normal that when the antenna elevation is centered the search area shown on the screen is 100k feet and more? I have to get it all the way down to get anything rational, that is something like 1 to 29 thousand feet. At the moment, I'm flying at 7000, the cursor is set to 21 miles and the search area while the antenna is centered is 98 to 117 thousand feet.
  4. Let me join the other voices here. I don't own many modules in DCS but the attention to detail in this one is amazing. The high quality graphics and the attention to details such as the angle of viewing the radar screen. The way this bird handles on the ground and the attention given to tiny aspects such as the hydraulic test and the different radar channels. On top of that, all of this work is presented and explained through a constantly updated manual which is, I'm sure, one of the best written manuals for any bird in DCS (Baltic Dragon isn't it?). For all your work on this, from the most important aspects to the minor details, and for the quality of the manual and campaigns, I wouldn't be surprised if the mirage were the best module in DCS. Well done and thank you! Sent from my M2012K11AG using Tapatalk
  5. Check page 185 in the latest manual in case it helps. Sent from my M2012K11AG using Tapatalk
  6. Looking forward to it!! Sent from my M2012K11AG using Tapatalk
  7. Many thanks for all your help. Much appreciated! Sent from my M2012K11AG using Tapatalk
  8. Many thanks for your answer. So TWS is a mode that should be avoided unless needing to fire to more than two targets. This sounds quite odd since in the manual it reads like TWS is the most sophisticated mode judging from all the different contact types it contains. What would you mean by continuously-variable azimuth limits as opposed to static? I mean I can change the azimuth in either mode... Also I am still perplexed about what you mentioned in your previous reply about non-bugged contacts in either RWS and TWS. In either mode I see small squares with a line protruding indicating their course. How is one just contacts and the other one tracks with motion. Sent from my M2012K11AG using Tapatalk
  9. Indeed, sorry, all these acronyms got me confused. What would be the tactical advantage of RWS over TWS? The only thing I could find as an advantage of RWS is being able to spot more than ten contacts. Sent from my M2012K11AG using Tapatalk
  10. Stick height, distance from the monitor and not willing to modify my desk were also my considerations before getting a new stick. I eventually got warbrd with constellation which is reportedly not the best option for desktop. And it is indeed a little high but I don't find it uncomfortable. I mean, I can feel that my hand may not be in the optimal position on the stick but I don't really mind and I'd get the same stick again. Eventually it's always in the back of my head that one day I will get a vr headset and I will be able to make some other arrangement for the hotas since distance from the monitor won't be relevant. Sent from my M2012K11AG using Tapatalk
  11. I hope you will excuse my noob question but I've read the manual once and I'm on the second run of Chuck's guide and I still don't follow: I understand the TWS part but I don't get what RWS is and how it's supposed to differ from TWS. I'm also at a loss re RWS' submodes (if I'm not mistaken) SAM and DTT. On a slightly different matter I'm confused by a statement in Chuck's guide (p.181) which I believe is also to be found in the manual: "CRM mode is selected by default at power-up. It is designed to reduce pilot workload by combining air-to-air submodes used for search under one interface." What confuses me here is the word "combine". I understand that I may select either TWS OR RWS in BVR (or else CRM)... but a combination? Could someone offer a clarification on the above? Sent from my M2012K11AG using Tapatalk
  12. I hadn't visited this forum for a while. Many thanks for this very detailed reply. It answers to my questions and to the frustrations I have but I could not put in words. The gist, I understand, of what you're saying is that the ASP is a total mess and whomever struggles with it isn't an imbecile after all :) For me it's become a marginally better experience using the fixed net with some ww2 kind of intuition than learn its numerous quirks and shortcomings... I do hope that this gets fixed eventually... but in the meantime it'd be great if someone could compile a sort of guide on how the asp should work and share it with the community. Not just for encyclopaedic reasons (for people like me who want to know how things work irl rather than just getting things done in the simulator) but also as document that becomes a point of reference for all the community of what we expect from the developers. Sent from my M2012K11AG using Tapatalk
  13. Just been checking this in the manual and flight. I do not understand why the option exists... I mean, is there any reason not to use PRED all the time? Sent from my M2012K11AG using Tapatalk
  14. Sure will! What a coincidence; just been listening to Amalia Rodriguez :) (Sorry for the off topic) Sent from my M2012K11AG using Tapatalk
  15. Many thanks everyone for your replies. Just got it and is already downloading. Happy Christmas Sent from my M2012K11AG using Tapatalk
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