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  1. I've been THOROUGHLY enjoying this campaign. It is VERY immersive and engaging. I think this campaign will be thought of as a classic in flight sims. And that is the first time I have ever used that term in connection with a campaign in 27 years of heavy sim gaming!
  2. I don't care which p38 DCS models or what theatre, I just want the plane!!!
  3. Well this explains why I couldnt keep up with the AI in the Blue Nose campaign. Thanks. Will be starting this Wolfpack campaign soon after spending some quality time learning the jug. Have to learn to trim, trim, trim in the campaign.
  4. Maybe its just better to run away when the enemy shows up LOL. On a more serious and unrelated note, when is your great new Huey campaign going to be released? Are you gonna do one for the Apache? (Please say yes!) Are you going to do one for the MIG 15b? Maybe the Soviet side of your F-86 campaign? (Please say yes!)
  5. But what about VR? Does having VR make flying helos easier or make you a better helo pilot? Im on the fence about VR, hearing both pros and cons about it.
  6. OK you DCS geniuses, what is your best guess as to when the Early Release version of this much anticipated module is going to be released? Do you think the Steam announcement that December 1 is accurate? And ED I know that your official stance is that it will probably be released sometime at the end of this year. I just want to hear from the very smart people on this forum as to what they think.
  7. I plan on going whole hog with this sim of all sims. Are any of you cockpit geniuses working on a realistic Longbow Cockpit? If so, I may be interested in paying you to build me one. Is anyone making or know how to make any working MFDs, gauges, controls, or any other such hardware for this sim? I imagine a lot of people will just use VR and forego any such hardware. But I want to see what gives the most immersive experience before deciding which route to go. Also, any ideas about motion simulators which would be good for this sim?
  8. There ware many a day off I played that sim 8 hours straight.
  9. Sounds good! Your emphasis on realism is what I like to see. Also I watched a youtuber do the first three missions of your campaign. I was impressed. Time to start learning the Jug!
  10. I really want to get into the p47, but my main love is to dogfight and the P47 seems to be a pig in air combat on its own. I currently fly the p51 100 percent of the time. I love your campaigns. They are the best DCS has in my opinion. However, isn't it true the large majority of air combat in DCS, in both single-player and multiplayer, occurs at low altitudes where the plane has no advantages? Plus you can only dive so much at low altitude. One thing you seem to have done in your p47 campaign which I think is sorely lacking in most DCS WW2 missions and campaigns, is making the player the wingman rather than the leader. That is SO refreshing! As you said, with that, you can stick to a leader and maybe others, and together do some real damage. I did do a p47 single escort mission in which the player had a wingman or was a wingman (forgot which) and the two worked together and did some great damage against enemy fighters. One of my biggest gripes with DCS WW2 missions and campaigns is that the player seems to always be the leader and his/her wingman always takes off somewhere despite numerous pleas for them to cover the player's behind! So before I invest in alot of time and energy to learn all the intricacies of Jug so I can eventually tackle your campaign properly, how often is the player a wingman instead of a leader in your campaign? Thanks!
  11. For those of you who played (and like me loved) the old Jane's Longbow sim series from the 90s, you may remember the very thick (almost one inch) spiral-bound manuals which came with Jane's Longbow 2 and Jane's Longbow Gold sims which have a plethora of information on the actual Apache Longbow, its history, specifications, systems and how it operates. The more voluminous Longbow Gold manual also includes a lot of information on other weapons systems including military aircraft (fixed and rotary wing), anti-aircraft systems, and armored vehicles. If you can find a copy of one of these old classic sims (especially the Longbow Gold), it's probably worth the money just to buy one for the manual. I'm SO glad I still have the manuals from both even though I haven't played those sims in several years.
  12. I'm thinking about getting this campaign. How many missions are air to ground? Thanks!
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