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  1. In the F-14, my wingman NEVER hits anything with LGBs. Missions that once worked just fine now seem kinda obsolete for me.
  2. For my part, I only did the main textures, not the roughmets.
  3. If I use Jester to locate the tanker via TACAN, I can see bearing and range for some seconds, but both vanish after some time. It was working before - is that a bug or is there a workaround?
  4. I use the standard DDS setting of paint.net, that works for me.
  5. I fixed it by opening and saving the DDS files in Paint.net - I think it has to do with the DDS settings.
  6. Yeah, I'm looking so forward to the tadpole, even if it's just AI. I'm also eager to make some skins to go with the airwings we have.
  7. Having listened to one of the latest "Tomcast" episodes, I wanted to create an Allied Force inspired mission - its a pity we can not set up AI Tomcats as airbourne FACs.
  8. Was there ever a solution for this? I reckon it shouldnt be too hard, but its a real PITA placing the airplanes (statics) via trial-and-error without the markings and elevator edges.
  9. Was there ever a fix for this one? I try to replicate a Desert Storm Mission and can't even hit a RUNWAY. Which is pretty long.
  10. Some Operation Desert Storm inspired shots: Aaaand some action from the Marianas - beautiful skins by @isoko:
  11. Looks really good - so do the Hawkeyes. I especially like the 2000s era, so I'll build them into my Marianas missions from that timeframe.
  12. Native DCS function, set up via mission editor in a way it usually works.
  13. Something strange occurred to me today. I was using the LST to attack units that were marked by laser of an AI JTAC with Mk82s. The LST found a laser - turned out it was the JTAC unit itself. What did I do wrong? I couldn't find any of the actual targets.
  14. Really enjoying that big bird.
  15. Stumbled upon this in the user files section - really nice looking new 3D model for the old Bear bomber, havent had a chance to try it out. Thanks to Sanikkat! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/de/files/3321032/ Now there is something I wish for. On all accounts, the Bear was LOUD and you could really hear it from the Tomcat's cockpit. In DCS however, the sound doesnt really stand out, other planes seem a lot louder. Is there a way to change the volume of a particular AI aircrafts engine sound?
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