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  1. thanks for the heads up, while buying more memory is not an option since I have all slot filled, I increased the swap file because otherwise I was notable to run DCS but how much would you recommend the swap file size to be? last question: can you tell what settings affects more RAM than other?
  2. I due repair It, bit It did not download anything. I Will try this. Anyway, i was back testing the RAM issue: when starting DCS i have 27+ GB free; when i joined a Syria server the game was occupying 18.5 GB of ram (27-18.5=8.5) yet my free Ram was only 400~ Mb. It this "normal" or am I missing something?
  3. Clearing that folder didnt help dcs.log dcs.20211110-212802.crash
  4. Sorry, but nothing came up when the game crashed. Deleting that folder will remove my SRS?
  5. And leave a second one, this time I didnt wait for the full load, my free ram was dcs.logabout obly 400Mb and it crashed before reachinf the runway.
  6. I've had issue in the past with DCS were the game crashed taking other application with it as well suggesting a ram issue; I activated trial period on Sirya and, when joining I see my ram being fully used (500 Mb free out of 32Gb) so I leave it loading until I have almost 9ish Gb free, but after a random time in the game close it self without any message and usually Discord is the only app that stops working with DCS. dcs.20211109-215441.crash
  7. Well done and please make the pilot body as good as the F14 one, way above ED's
  8. Jesus Christ do you own every map and every module in the game?
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