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  1. Hi. NEW: Added VF-31 1991 AE200 and AE205. (Mach3DS) can not find these liveries. cheers. Patrice.
  2. I hope to get the chance to fly these beauties, one day Truly F14 masterpiece. Should be included in Heatblur package. Congrats. cheers. Patrice.
  3. A new step in realism. Well done. Congrats.
  4. Beautiful work. Well done and thank you
  5. This is a ´ must have ‘ livery in my hangar. Just next to your F86 liveries. That will help myself waiting for your future project. Words are not enough. Well done. Cheers. patrice.
  6. Can't stop flying F86, F14, P51 with your skins. This is just perfection. Cheers. Patrice
  7. Thanks. i’ve got my new wallpaper. cheers. Patrice.
  8. Looking forward to it. Thanks cheers. Patrice.
  9. User Files (digitalcombatsimulator.com) Hi A must have. Enjoy this beauty. Back in action. Thanks Rick Cheers Patrice
  10. Thanks for this tips. Will do ASAP. cheers. Patrice.
  11. Thanks for your message. Will wait then.... Cheers
  12. Hi Rick, Looks like some updates has broken sensor pod’s texture. Hope you're fine. Cheers Patrice
  13. Excellent. A must have !!!! thank you.
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