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  1. A lot of good info in that thread/link thank you Britchot. Im getting closer hitting target within a radius of 10-20 meters of target, and what i understand is expected with this method of bombing More training..:thumbup:
  2. Thank you Ramsay for the tip and link. Its apparently more tricky than i thought. More practice needet :thumbup:
  3. Thank you Steph i will try that
  4. I tried with INS pre alignment in special setup, and with full manual INS alignment, but same result. I have not used JTAC/Buddy lasing with gbu bombs yet, but it seems to work for other players. Maybe it wasn't any better in real life M2000? :)
  5. Hello fellow flight simmers, Each time I use CCRP bombing the bombs fall far behind the target, maybe 50-100 meters. I'm pretty sure I'm using the right method and settings. I have no problem using CCIP method. I read that some peaple do not have this problem, and they can hit targets fairly precise using the CCRP method. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Master arm ON VTH set to H RAD ALT set to ON Select BL1 (mk82) PPA settings as desired Select TAS/RS both Radar ON 1 Altitude about 10-15000 feet 2 Press weapons system cmd fwd 3 Place "diamond" piper over target 4 Press AG designate 5 Resume level flight 6 Target cross is now above target 7 Press and hold trigger when release line cross CCRP piper 8 Bombs released when cue cross piper Everything works like it should but bombs are hitting way past target point. I will be very grateful for any helpful hints your guys might have
  6. Twist should be available as an option, like MCG in near furture :thumbup:
  7. Thank you! Thank you for the time and effort making these exellent tutorials..makes everything sooo much easier :thumbup:
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