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  1. It is NOT a bug, at least not a JF-17 bug, you get that on all aircraft, and you still get that even set glass texture to be 100% transparent. Maybe easier to notice on the JF-17 simply because the canopy shape and we allow the viewpoint to be closer to the glass.
  2. ED add new cockpit reflection in new patches. Yellow thing in the middle is ejection handle and side panel in 2nd pic. Will try to tune that effect.
  3. Yes, we're considering reducing some polycount around corner to further increase performance a bit, it'll be updated with regular cockpit together later.
  4. Appy a DCS glass material with normal map to the canopy model, then game add raindrop to it automatically. And you can play with map tile repeat to change the size of raindrop.
  5. First pic from our post more than half year before module release, second pic using our loadout icon from game. You'll find many jeff search results actually come from us.
  6. Those lights are place in cockpit 3dmax file, lua script only control the brightness and knob animation, so unfortunately you cant change it as a mod.
  7. It's very hard to make everything on screen affect by it, also those one who export the MFD to second monitor / touch screen or any display device need the display it self to be clean and they dont want any special effect with it. So the backlight is just some "eye candy" for now, and remind the pilot there's a day/night mode switch. We are trying to find some work around, this may change later.
  8. We got some sources state that the knob is on/off only, and yes we feel it's counterintuitive too, may switch back to "normal knob way" later.
  9. Anyone notice that when you set material type to "glass" or "glass instrument", the normal map tiling value will automatically change? Guess it's related to canopy glass rain drop or scratch glare calculation. Any solution to this?
  10. It should be show default if developer use it on glass. Sometime you need to zoom very close to see it, try view the cockpit edm in modelviewer to find out if it is in the map list.
  11. Those scratch is control by a 256x256 normal map, and nearly all module use it, could be a 193k bmp or 46k PNG (same content). In 3dsmax you give a material with this normal map to the glass, then DCS engine show scratch automaticly while you looking at the sun. So basically here's nothing modder can do with it unfortunately.
  12. Server still alive, they just rename the folder: ftp://srv0files.eagle.ru/mods/model_viewer2/ ftp://srv2files.eagle.ru/mods/model_viewer2/
  13. We have fix that, and change will be in next patch if everything goes right.
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