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  1. I prefer the method I have given. The texture resetting after launch is a significant detriment in my opinion, and I'm never looking at Hawk sites up-close.
  2. Here you are! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jarNQ2Jvv7mz8tJYoq6TOzoEB04I29FZ/view?usp=sharing The Iranians initially painted them all white, I believe the red-winged missiles are their newer upgraded version.
  3. They work just like I'd think they would! Fantastic job!
  4. Any liveries would be more than acceptable, the model is the real gift!
  5. Looks like it doesn't have a collision model, which would explain its invulnerability
  6. Hello, does this script help solve some of the issues with trees blocking ordinance damage? I'd really like to be able to pierce a treetop with a GBU-38 to kill units underneath
  7. +1 I have this issue as well, would love for a solution.
  8. Does this work with helicopters?
  9. I had thought I had seen it display as a U, like most other user-modded radars.
  10. Great addition! Hope to see more from you... P-8?
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