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  1. Thanks I was looking for a touch screen solution as seen by post below...
  2. I'm looking for information on what kind of touch screen monitor I should be looking for to use for MFDs and or instruments or whatever, I guess to use with Helios.... There's a lot of monitors out there and I was wondering if there's a consensus on small screens that work well. Also I have a triple screen rig, it's also my race sim, I'm looking to add two monitors to either side of the steering wheel and maybe one more to cover the wheel while flying. But I'm a little sketchy on how all of that would connect. I don't think my video card can connect three more monitors so the question would be how does that work?
  3. Can confirm turning MSAA off solves the issue. I just turned MSAA off and turned SSAA on... no issues in quality noticed
  4. So I have had this problem for a while, I am not a VR user, but am a triple screen. I am not sure when it first surfaced, but it only happened whenever the flood lights were on in aircraft such as the A-10C (new pit), F-16, F-14. If I kept the flood lights off in these aircraft I did not get the flickering. The F-18 and AV-8 do not have this problem, I can use those flood lights without any issue. I do get the issue around the new super carrier regardless of aircraft, I'm betting it has to do with lighting on the module. I'll do some testing with MSAA off.
  5. I'm having trouble with the Kiss Off command, I can only get it to work when I'm nearly done with the pattern and need to call the ball.
  6. I'd rather focus on the core systems like INS/GPS, alignment, Full AG radar dentinal, MGRS. full data link capability, mission cards etc before any of the weapons are introduced. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  7. Yeah I tried the unit in moving zone trigger, but it's not quite what I'm looking for. I was using the trigger as "part of coalition in zone" which was more flexible, than having to define a specific unit entering a zone... I'll have to find another solution for what I'm looking for.... But it we have the static coalition in zone, I don't see why we can't have coalition in moving zone too... Would def make things easier. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  8. Just trying to familiarize myself with creating environments, I've been trying to search for a way to create a trigger zone that is attached to or moves with another object. For instance I have a trigger zone that is centered around a aircraft carrier, that will spawn a up if anything comes within XXX miles etc etc. Problem is that the zone is stationary, plus I'd like to put other triggers on a an aircraft like an AWACS for example. Is it possible to do this with the ME? Also for the group that spawns to react to the threat, do I have to assign them waypoints? or do the waypoints matter?
  9. I hate using the walleye too, mostly because I remember using the weapon from Jane's. in that sim all you had to do was un-cage the camera, change its orientation and re-cage, then the bomb would attempt to fly to that new location. That was fun using that weapon,but with this walleye needing to lock onto a contrast, more than half the time if I move the camera it won't lock onto anything ever again
  10. Sorry but that 80% stat directed at Iracing is wholly inaccurate. Everyone who doesn't currently play Iracing complains about how expensive it is, even though in this particular hobby... everything is expensive. I'm sitting on a close to $1000 rig with triples, wheel, peddles etc ... and thats cheap. If an annual sub would mean more frequent updates and or the ability to acquire more licenses (people seem to forget or don't know that ED or any dev has to purchase a license for any particular aircraft or company), then I'm all for it.
  11. Can't get this to move the Kneeboard in the F16C. In every other module (well only ones I tried is the 18 and 14) I can move it just fine to where I want. Cannot get the 16 to move at all.
  12. Yeah I'd like to know where these files are myself
  13. That's interesting never heard of them before, but also incredibly unnecessary... The frustrating thing is that DCS supports three screen rendering (which is the hard part, ie three separate displays rendered at the same time). All they need to do is add configurable options to their own software settings. No need for any third party software or anything. Lets say there is a certain title (and there is) that allows you to set up certain parameters such as bezel size and angle of the side monitors offset from the middle monitor (which it does). It's that simple... All I/we need is a way for DCS to allow us to plug in angle correction into their software, bezel correction can be either way since the surround software can do this (it's just usually unnecessary since titles that support triple screen rendering have setting for it)
  14. OK so bezel correction is not important. Using the Nvidia corrected resolution will solve that problem. Only side effect is the centered UI screen, the outer edges are hidden by the bezel... so the news arrow thing and the edge of the DCS logo in the corner are behind the left bezel... no big deal. However I have found the angle of the side screens to be more difficult. NVIDIA surround does not have any angle correction options. So the only recourse is the game itself to angle correct the monitors. This is part of the Lua for the 3 screen configuration: Left = { x = 0; y = 0; width = screen.width / 3; height = screen.height; viewDx = -1; viewDy = 0; aspect = screen.aspect / 3; }, Center = { x = screen.width / 3; y = 0; width = screen.width / 3; height = screen.height; viewDx = 0; viewDy = 0; aspect = screen.aspect / 3; }, Right = { x = screen.width * 2 / 3; y = 0; width = screen.width / 3; height = screen.height; viewDx = 1; -- What does this number represent? viewDy = 0; aspect = screen.aspect / 3; I tried messing with the viewDx number but I didn't have any luck, I am not sure what that number represents. I tried incremental changes to both the left and right screens, but it doesn't seem to be working at all. Plus I'm not sure what angle the screens are starting at nor what the number value actually means. Any ideas?
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