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  1. Hi - Im knew to having a legit HOTAS and just received my X-56. I am trying to map it the best I can within DCS and there are a few quirks I am trying to work out like using the slide button on the throttle for speed breaks (button 33 - it wont retract the speed breaks when sliding the button back) My main questions are (1) how do we use the ministicks - they are not being recognized in DCS adjusting controls for standard or axis assignment modalities. Id like to use one of them (thumb on the stick I suppose?) to slew the radar, etc - looks like the hornet and A10 mapping has that as one of the center controls atop the stick - regardless, I am hoping to be able to get the ministicks working. I am going to get a powered 3.0 USB port today to see if that helps, sounds like that can be an issue. also - Does anyone already have a saved program for the X-56 with a map of what buttons do what. I am getting pretty close but it just feels like I am not putting the best options together and there has to be a better way to get these to jive - if anyone has a saved program that they would share I would be most appreciative - Im assuming theres a folder I can drop a .lua file in if so - (Thanks for any help, newbie here to the HOTAS so any help appreciated)
  2. F18 to A10 Im just getting into full understanding of the F18 systems but want to hit the enemy within 3....any suggestions as to how to go about playing both platforms without losing skills in either?
  3. Is ATC the way to go in refueling or better to get the touch on the throttle - having trouble maintaining once the tanker is sweet
  4. F 18 Squadron Any recruiting for F18 drivers?
  5. Is there a way to convert the Mirage 2000 Campaign by Baltic to F/A 18? Or any campaign? Dont want to wait for them to make one at this point - story line campaigns are a must and I dont have time to make a proper campaign
  6. Thanks. Hopefully it’ll be a quick / easy fix.
  7. I noticed someone saying something about flags on correcting it earlier in the thread- anyone know of this works in the 1.58? Such a drag - Great campaign ended
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