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  1. experiencing same. the selector knob switches to vhf for no reason.
  2. after restarting a simple user made mission, sunlight becomes dim. after half a minute or so, it goes brighter. i remember, there was a bugfix related to this in previous patches. the bug is still there.
  3. my mission with ju-88s and an escort d9. during my attack run with an allied plane, they freeze for some seconds hanging in the air then immediately accelerate. it's like multiplayer lag alas in single player mission. attached the mission. p47_normandy_takeoff.miz
  4. hi thanks for looking into this. i don't have evidence. it was a gut feeling and some irrelevant numbers. won't bother you further.
  5. plane climbs at 20m/s between the 280-180 km/h at 1.2 ata until stall. to me it felt like levitating cause it gained way too much altitude until stall. attached a track file. 109_lowspeed_climb.trk
  6. just for fun, i set up a sead group of russian planes and a us hawk site. when a kh missile reaches in the immediate vicinity of hawk site, a stinger missile is fired at the incoming missile and can destroy it just prior to impact with its target.
  7. in f3 view, when i cut or boost the throttle, i can hear the response of the engine instantaneously regardless of the distance of plane and camera. shouldn't there be a delay?
  8. in marianas lagoon patrol instant action mission, after shooting down fake zeros, my ai wingmen try to reform formation. when i give them random manouver orders and then order to join up, fps drops significantly due to cpu usage. i usually get highest framerate by looking up to the sky minimizing object count. even looking at empty sky, fps is stuck at 30-40, while max fps i get is 110(not vr).
  9. i believe ray marching is used for creating volumetric clouds which has been around for a decade. it can run on fairly older machines. i wonder how sims didn't use it then.
  10. i managed to jam landing gear then land at hawkinge airfield. plane landed on its belly, propeller damaged. but the plane continued to roll all along the field, as if it was on wheels. it also responded to wheel brake. p47_landinggear.trk
  11. in mission editor, i could choose the plane as a flyable module and fly it in a mission although i dont own the module. also when mission starts, cockpit is missing from the 3d model. nice interior modelling btw.
  12. the update process in the past would require you to download all the files. i think, the file structure was also different then. like when there was a map update, it would download a large portion of map data. the current updater and file structure allows smaller downloads, that patches the relevant part of modules or maps. now, you don't have to know which files are to be downloaded. because when the updater runs, it initially downloads delta files that are maybe 6mb large, these contain which files have changed with the update. so the current updater can already determine the necessary files. allowing the same update from an external disk would provide so much flexibility to update process. thanks
  13. thanks. it could be done, but most of the download would be redundant.
  14. i have a very slow connection where i play dcs, however i have access to better connection in my office. i would like an option to download updates or modules to an external drive and install to my dcs computer. the updater already knows which files are to be downloaded, so it can generate an index file to an external disk. with that index file, updater should be able to download necessary files to any computer. the rest of the work would be to allow the update from an external disk.
  15. in marianas islands, weather editor temperature settings will not go below 20C regardless of date. is it true, global warming simulated?
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