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  1. Könnte es sein, dass Du eventuell bei Deiner vorherigen Installation Mods installiert hattest? Schau doch bitte einmal nach, ob noch irgendwelche Restdateien in Deinem persönlichen Verzeichnis liegen. (\\Saved Games\DCS\Mods..)
  2. Super screens - une petite question: "Est-ce donc maintenant possible de catapulter le RAFALE sur les PA comme p.ex. les F-18 et F-14?"
  3. You definitely need to check ALL your axis assignments for your MiG-21. I'm nearly 100% sure, you will find some double assigned axis. This happened to me not only with the MiG-21, but on all plane modules - especially when you just bought one and you didn't set up any inputs / buttons. And DCS has the bad habit of assigning every single axis you may have to nearly all axis input options for a plane, when you start with a new module. The first thing I do, is to clear all the categories in the axis setup options - except for the mouse and TrackIR input axis! This way, I make sure not to have any axis interfering with each other.
  4. If I remember correctly, you need FC3 to make it work as a flyable/playable aircraft. A lot of modded aircraft need FC3 as a base to be flown. There are only a few aircraft mods running without FC3, like for example the A-4E v. 2.0.
  5. Make sure your windows explorer shows you all file types - as I can see on your screenshots, the file extensions are not displayed. In the option menu of your windows explorer/file explorer you can change it and make the explorer to show all file types and especially hidden files. Without this, you hardly get at chance to see all files.
  6. I had a similar issue with another mod the other day - the RAFALE 005 pack. I found the problem, so check: In DCS go into the module manager and have a look in the tab "installed". Here make sure your mod is not disabled (green slider button).
  7. Hello guys, thank you so much for this absolutely amazing work - what a beautiful airplane!!! Really nice and with lovely details. You did a very very good job, a piece of art... and to be honest, I have some payed modules that don't look as good as your mod. Thank you very much guys. Cheers
  8. Biensûr que j'ai dézippé le fichier complèt dans le répertoire correspondant du profile d'utilisateur, comme je l'ai fait avec le mod du A4 il y a quelques semaines. Et je ne touche surtout pas les répertoires d'origine de DCS - car avec chaque mise-à-jour de DCS tout est éffacé. Mais merci pour vos réponses.
  9. OK, merci pour la réponse - mais il semble que je n'ai pas compri un truc. J'ai installé le mod comme indique dans la doc, mais le RAFALE n'apparait null part. Je ne le vois pas dans DCS. Et oui, j'ai le module FC3 installé. Selon instruction il faut uniquement copier le mod entier dans répertoire correspondant dans mon profile de jeux. J'ai d'ailleurs installé le mod A4 qui fonctionne parfaitement. Une idée? Merci.
  10. Bonjour, j'ai essayé de consulter tous les messages ici sur ce sujet, mais je n'ai pas trouvé de réponse. Donc ma question: Le mod RAFALE 005 fonctionne-t-il uniquement sur la version stable ou également sur l'open-beta toute récente? Salutations et merci infiniement pour ce beau travaille
  11. Sorry, it seems that I overlooked this. Excuse-me.
  12. I've also noticed a strange issue - it is not related to a specific plane. Although performance in general did not get worse, but still is a problem, now I get some strange "blackouts" when looking at the mirror, especially over cities. These "blackouts" have nothing to do with the intended blackouts after harsh manoeuvres - no, is when flying level over a city and checking the mirror. If I turn off the mirror, the problem is gone. I upgraded my rig recently and I don't push the graphic settings to the limits. I really start loosing my patience! The modules are definitively NOT cheap and I spent a lot of money for DCS. I ask myself if I can expect some optimization for DCS World from ED or do I have to change my hardware every quarter or after every major update? This is nonsense!
  13. You can download the actual manual in the first post I think.
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