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  1. This is one of a few things I really don't like the Odyssey +vs my old Vive. The Vive, I would literally play in the dark The odyssey needs a well lit room. Im keeping hte odyssey + due to visual calrity over the vive but still a pain as the lighting is poor in my room
  2. Thanks to the latest update - you can now align the odyssey on the home screen at first log in! i didn't know what is was at first bc I didn't see it in the update log Relaly nice fix
  3. Hmm.. I wonder why some of you experience blurryness from the Odyssey+ The visuals are much better and the SDE is..almost gone but still there. I am impressed with visual improvement and my ability to spot air targets is awesome. BFM has never been better! However...damn thing is simply uncomfotable but I am going to sell the Vive anyway. No noted performance impact over the Vive.. Maybe I have my settings done right..who know lol
  4. Long time user of Vive 1.0 - Just received new Odyssey + PROs Resolution - Odyssey (Much Better) I am very happy with the increase resolution and the SDE is nearly gone! On the Vive, spotting air targets was pretty easy and I was worried that a distant air target would possibly get worse with Odyssey due the SDE removal feature considering how it effects textures near the SDE...but to my suprise spotting air targets is easier than ever. MUCH easier than 2D. I can even somewhat determine the shape of the aircraft at a much further dist than Vive or 2D. God Rays - pretty much gone - so much better! Head Tracking - Seems great + no need for all the electrical outlets to run the headset + 2 tracking stations. and... thats it for the PRO's. CONs Comfort - Vive wins hands down - hands down Fit - Terrible, only designed for people with a wide face. Light bleed everywhere (didnt effect gamplay but still).. Hurts my forehead in comparison to Vive. SetUp - Odyssey is easier but has some stupid features that could drive a new VR user insane (luckily I am no stanger to VR issues) Features Auto on sensor (when putting headset on/off your head. This is terrible and causes the headset to get confused if u take it on and off.. I lost control of my mouse for about 30min until I figured this one out. Solution = put tape over the sensor and manually turn on/off the headset like Vive. (DO THIS ASAP lol) Built in headphones - Sounds good but are not removable.. this makes using your own headset/mic impossible. Room Scale Games - Vive wins...just cant beat Vive but who cares this is DCS. Coequal Performance - Did not notice any negative impact - so they are equal Initial thoughts and will I keep it? The headset should not get the raving reviews it has due to everything EVERYTHING but the visuals being worse. I really hope they continue to improve on comfort, built in audio and other quirky features. It does deserve great reviews on resolution and anti SDE! I am so ready for better visuals that I am going to switch and move away from the Vive but I will be looking at ways to defeat the comfort issue and maybe even look into removing the headphones if I can do it without perma damage to the display (dont care about perma damage to the audio) I am mainly sold on visuals bc I just did a turning fight with a mig and have never had more clarity while doing so. Runs great - seems about the same on performance i7 4790k 4.0 1070SC 32G ram SSD I'll report back later for longer use review.
  5. May be wrong but after you land hit FCS Reset to avoid this in future.
  6. or start a mission on runway with engines on Its a simple bird to fly that's part of what makes it so good. Learn details later.
  7. Fly using sim mode and just use auto start Left Windows + Home The plane is very simply to just fly Then learn advanced stuff later
  8. nevermind.. i see you want b4 mission start my bad
  9. I believe you can flare. I pretty sure many hornet pilots do when landing on ground. It may be to practice. You only land so many times, why not practice for the boat as its the one that will kill you. I'm no expert but I have seen and heard pilots talk about the hornet being very smooth to land if you wish.
  10. Not reading to find out if its been mentioned..but "Through the inferno" is a great singleplayer/coop endless mission that already has JTAC in place. Highly re-playable mission that you don't get bored of quickly.
  11. I highly recommend "Through the inferno" missions. You guys can free flight around some and then spawn missions/engagements with F10..so it can be as easy or hard as you wish. Just go into the editor and add planes that your friends need if they arent already there. Its a never ending mission, scaled to your preference.
  12. May have been a coincidence bc I havent tested this but one time I contacted Stennis request for landing and they gave me a runway # that was the actual heading I needed to be on for touch down.
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