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  1. 100% agree with Fenrir here. I no longer fly the Mosquito because of this issue, it saps the enjoyment of flying when these bizarre pitch moments occur. I agree it feels like you reach some kind of threshold in airspeed and the trim suddenly changes (not visibly) to such an extent you have to make extreme corrections. It also feels like there’s a HUGE deadzone when this happens, particularly on my extended control stick. Also to note, I have a P-47 sized stick extension so can fly the Mosquito with zero curve, and the pitching oddities still occur. It feels like the physical input from the stick suddenly translates differently to the game/aircraft, thus it wouldn’t show up as an issue if I were to send a track. I’ve tested it with the visible control indicator on. I think the only way would be for one of you chaps at ED to grab a FFB2 and give it a bit of testing. You’ll notice it very quickly. Cheers, Wiggy
  2. Also occurs in the P-47. Not FFB specific - a friend who flies with a Warthog also had this visible shaking at the same time as I did, in the same mission. I guess with FFB it’s just much easier to notice. Agree, only occurring since last update. New turbulence effects perhaps?
  3. Now I have got used to it it feels much more natural. The longer throw is excellent. Would highly recommend it.
  4. Thanks for the update
  5. +1 it’s been a while since we heard anything on this. Any news @NineLine @BIGNEWY ?
  6. Nice one MAD, Is David Red still flying out of interest?
  7. Hi Mogster, Yes the M10’s weren’t popular but still, irrelevant to the point of OP. Wiggy
  8. @NineLine Request for the addition of the M10 tubes to the D-30(early) and D-30. Link here: 42-28382 | American Air Museum in Britain to a 56th Fighter Group (ETO) aircraft in August 1944 with them mounted. This is a D-26-RA, as stated, produced way before the D-28-RE, which is our D30(early). Also out of curiosity, why is it named a D-30(early) when it's a D-28-RE? Weird. Have also attached another image from the Osprey '56th Fighter Group' book of the same aircraft, stating the date. Production serial numbers also stated here, also proving the aircraft a D-26-RA: P-47 Thunderbolt variations and production (368thfightergroup.com) (at the bottom of the page) Below another image of a 56th Fighter Group aircraft in August 1944, this time a D-25-RE with the tubes mounted. From the book 'Zemke's Wolfpack'. Anyway, if the tubes were being fitted to these aircraft in August '44 before the D-30-RE was even on the production line, I believe they shouldn't be limited to only the D-40. In our historical server, having to jump in a D-40 which only served in the Pacific in order to use these rockets over France, just isn't cool!:) Thanks, Wiggy
  9. Finally got round to making a full length stick for my MSFFB2 to help fix this issue. Still needs 15-20 curve on the pitch axis or it’s insanely sensitive, which was a bit disappointing. Anyway this also means the trimming offset issue is still there. Seems to me the simulated air-flow over the elevator isn’t quite right, like it’s just as easy to deflect the elevator at 250 mph as it is stationary on the ground.
  10. issue still occurs with zero curvature
  11. +1 to OP. Also encountering this issue.
  12. +1 to original post. It's un-flyable really. I'm sure the very first iteration/version of the aircraft was fine. It's changed since then, possibly an update to stick forces or something? At a guess. Tis a shame.
  13. staggering, Fenrir. Thanks!
  14. Hi, Since 2.7 I've noticed an issue with the built-in function 'trigger.action.outTextForGroup()'. I have attached a small mission with a very basic script to trigger a message to the group 'P-47D Group 1'. If you jump in this a/c, let the message appear then switch over to another group, the message will still be on screen. It seems to be functioning to appear for all. I noticed it first in my own server which uses this function to output briefings to individual groups, which now after 2.7, outputs to everyone. Could you please have a look into this as it's fundamental to my mission briefing design, and worked perfectly previous to 2.7. Cheers, Wiggy outTextForGroup.miz
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