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  1. Yea, I have tried that. Would have been nice though to not have to use the mod and have native support for it instead.
  2. Is there any plans to add native support for Windows Mixed Reality so we that uses for example the HP Reverbe G2 do not have to use Steam VR?
  3. I should also mention that the mission was flown in VR so although I was not always able to see the target menu displayed in my VR headset I do not know if it was displayed on the screen or not.
  4. Here is a track file. However after doing some testing now I got it to work sometimes as you can see in the track file, but the times it does not work might very well be caused by something I do wrong. Also tested with and without setting ACQ to TADS and leaving it at FXD. Link to track file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xiyi5xdig0u6f90/AH-64D George.trk?dl=0
  5. Haven't thought of that, I will try that and see if it helps. Thanks!
  6. I'll try to get a track, does not see that it happens every time though so I have to try for a while and see if I can get it to appear again.
  7. I have seen something like this as well. Although it only happens to me if I do a cold start. If I use a hot start it works fine.
  8. I have also noticed the probelm with the roughmet to mat2. It is not working. I even tried to change the default roughmets mat1 works fine but mat2 is unaffected by the roughmet file
  9. When starting a night mission in the Hind in VR the image for the right eye starts flashing. It flashes between normal image and black image several times per second. I have tried to replace the Hind with the Mi-8MTV2 and in the Mi-8 it works fine. This only happens in the Hind at night, I am using an HP Reverb G2. It does not show up on screen as far as I can tell, only in the head set. I will try to stick a camera in the headset and film it.
  10. Thanks, see that Kingsfield is there now. I was expecting it to say Dhekelia
  11. Will both Akrotiri and Dhekelia be included in the Cyprus expansion?
  12. In, the mean time until a keybinding is added you can use the following workaround. Start the HMD with the mouse when you start up the A-10. Then make it SOI with Coolie Switch down. Now you can use DMS long left to turn it on and off.
  13. I really hope it is a completely new template that does not contain 11 psd files :-)
  14. In the FAQ thread it is mentioned that the external model is updated. Does this mean that we will also get a new skin template for the A-10C?
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