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  1. Are there any plans to fix this? Starting the jug takes a long time and is a major deterrent to flying it compared to other aircraft.
  2. The AI cheats, unless you are in a plane that can out turn the AI plane you are going to have a hard time.
  3. I don't think flyable bombers in DCS is controversial at all. Lots of people want them. Maybe people who don't understand what makes bombing fun and have never tried it think bombers are bad. There are plenty of people who mostly do ground attack and there are entire squads that devote themselves to bombing. Flyable bombers add an entirely new and fresh set of opportunities and activities in flight sims. Planing flight paths to avoid/evade the enemy, bomber formations, low level navigation, adjusting bomb load for specific missions and organising fighter escorts. Escorting AI bombers is boring compared to escorting players who can communicate and use different tactics.
  4. Both are great and can do everything.
  5. Yeah this is still happening for me. When I fly with people who use VR they are always spotting planes before me. Some of these people that see things way better then me are also using MODs that improve spotting. Can DCS just render planes in a way that's visible? Why do I have to be at a huge disadvantage because I use a screen and high resolution with no graphics mods?
  6. Opening the chat box to type freezes your controls so that you cant control aircraft while you are typing message.
  7. Need to fix the bugs, to many really bad bugs. For example the P51D ram air lever does not work meaning you are flying with signifacantly less engine power at altitude. Unpredictable engine failures with the Dora. Bombs not working correctly. The .50 calibre guns don't work very well making the American aircraft unsatisfying to fight in. The slow pace of development and the accumulating bugs is taking its toll.
  8. You can bind them to an axis and with a modifier button so you don't have to unbind anything as a temporary fix.
  9. You cant have the pacific WW2 without the Zero and carriers! Carrier warfare is the one unique major attraction to Pacific air combat. Its like having European theater without 109s and heavy allied bombers.
  10. How about make a 109G6/G14 combo module and give it the option to carry gun pods as an extra selling point so people have a reason to buy it over the K4?
  11. If its for European theater then a 1945 German bomber. If its for Pacific then the A6M5 Zero + Carrier. Since the pacific map is free and some preexisting modules already fit(P47 and P51) focus should be on the Pacific instead of a new Battle of Britain scenario.
  12. I don't know what to think. I want the pacific, WW2 carrier battles in DCS would be amaizing. At the same time we have a late war European theatre that is not far from what could be considered completion. With the Mosquito coming I think the germans need some sort of decent ground attack aircraft to add a little variety. The 262 is not particularly ground attack but it is iconic, popular and would add some much needd variety to the German European theatre. At the rate the European theatre has been developed I am a little concerned when I hear that ED wants to do Pacific AND the BOB? I have to wonder how that will be achieved and how long that will take?
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