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  1. I'm using 4021 as shift register since thats whats in the TM's handgrips I have.
  2. Gave it a new name since it's not bound to be used as TEDAC controller. Gonna build a bunch of them to convert my old TM FLCS and TQS to USB and another one as a generic upfront button panel and hopefully someday 3D print the TEDAC hand grips for a simpit. Main Controller PCB to be used with MMJoy2 firmware. Generic 28 buttons + 4 Encoders PCB (fits on top of the main PCB) and uses cheap 6x6 mm PCB buttons available in various heights and is simple to make a front panel. Also have 5 LED's to be used as optional "mode indicators". 6x6 mm PCB buttons and colored tops If I ever need more buttons or need them at a different place expansion is done via P10 using shift regsters. This one use same 6x6 mm PCB buttons as above. This use a 12x12 mm square PCB buttons instead... Like these, also available with various heights and tops. This one uses 3x2 mm SMD PCB buttons and can easily be placed wherever needed as a tiny PCB, Like these Will update as soon as I got the MCU's and built s couple of them.
  3. Complete standstill here. PCB's are all done but due to the ongoing global chip shortage it's (close to) impossible to buy the MCU at the moment. Been on back order for several months now but hopefully someday I will get them... Mean while I will try to upload some pics of the other PCB's I done.
  4. I still have two more PCB layouts to do before sending it of for manufacturing, hopefully will find some time coming weekend. Being pretty much a noob on 3D modelling I still have tons to learn but plan is to start with TinkerCAD and the other tools suggested by Viper1970. Will see how that goes later on
  5. Nice compilation! I will add the picture Raptor9 shared about the different switches on the grips as well as the comment from kgillers3 about both triggers that are two stage triggers.
  6. Had a chance to test last night and I experience the same. -8-15 FPS (-15-20%) compared to previous version.
  7. Thanks for sharing Raptor, very usefull! Personally I'm skipping the display since I'm planning to go VR (if budget/GPU availability allows!) but for a cockpit build it would be nice and skimming thru the other thread it looks like hannibal is planning a display. The real thing has a ~5" x 5" LCD with 960x960 resolution but finding a 5" x 5" square LCD for a reasonable price looks difficult.
  8. I was thinking of this mode and having it placed in-front of monitor facing up so you could reach out over the LP and move the mouse cursor and click buttons "in the air" so to speak.
  9. Wow, and I was just about to tell to not be in a hurry with it to avoid you being burned out on 3D modelling IMHO a mirrored hand grip will be just fine and if I understand Hannibal correctly he doesn't aim for 100% replica either. Don't know how many buttons you plan on giving room for but according to the pictures I found it is as follow (trigger on each is counted as 2 since it's dual stage IRL) doubt there will be room for all 27? LHG 27 Buttons + 2 Analog Axis LHG 21 Buttons + 2 Analog Axis That being said take your time and don't feel any pressure with the hand grips, would be a bummer if you actually did burn out! Keep your own pace and finish some of the other stuff you are doing if you feel for it. We must remember that it's just a hobby and not work, a hobby is all about having fun. Hannibal is already on the run but personally I'm in no hurry and the AH-64 is not even in EA. I'm gonna start with modding some old HOTAS first before I actually build the TEDAC so for me this project will be a long one...
  10. Thanks for the pointer. The question is if ED made it so Leap Motion works as a mouse in 2D mode or if it's exclusive VR?
  11. LB2 was great for it's time and one of the first sims to offer multi-crew MP over LAN, up to 4 IIRC. Routed the controller PCB last night so I can send it off to make a few of them then load up MMJoy2 firmware and hope I didn't make to many mistakes
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