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  1. Yea since the tgp is not the best anymore in 2.7 it's much more difficult now to locate targets. The cloud layer also does not help with this. I tried telling wingmen to engage air defenses first so I could at least circle around under the clouds. I haven't passed the mission yet so I think this one will take me a bunch of tries with the current tgp lighting.
  2. I think the current guide is great. I never used the skatezilla utility before but it definitely helps to do a proper repair. The importance is selecting to look for extra files too. I think adding a short section at the bottom about dcs starting in 2d mode would help as I've seen a few people including myself run into that. It was a matter of opening open composite.exe, selecting load and then selecting the dcs icon and right clicking 'always run with openvr'. I think after people do all the steps in the guide the expectation may be that dcs is good to launch in VR mode from the start. I've ran through the guide after each dcs update/clean/repair and I've always had to do this step to get it to launch properly because the first time I launch it starts in steamvr or 2d mode.
  3. I did try reloading the firmware as suggested but that didn't help bring the dead motor back to life. I've been using the seat as is until more motors go dead before I try to buy random ones on Amazon and figure out how to swap them out. Figure if I do that now I will ruin the seat and won't have an alternative so may as well wait until it gets worse.
  4. I never use skatezilla to launch dcs only to clean, do a long repair or update. I always launch dcs from the cliff house desktop app. Anytime I've removed open xr completely, used skatezilla to do a long repair and clean, then reinstalled open composite.exe, the first time I launch dcs it starts up in steam VR or it starts in pancake mode. So then I quit and go to open composite.exe select load, and set dcs to use openxr there.
  5. Ran into this issue yesterday trying to go through the birds of prey mission. I thought it was because I screwed up editing my logbook to continue the campaign on the A10C-2 module since I last played the campaign on the original A10C. I just flew without ATC for now.
  6. I don't have the campaign yet but I was hoping to find some gameplay videos of it on YouTube? I haven't seen anyone record it yet. I myself am going through enemy within 3.0 after finishing the iron flag training campaign so I'm looking for more stuff to do with the A10C-2. I respect the creator responding frequently to questions so I'm likely to check out this campaign at some point. It's more of an issue with dcs because it takes forever to get content out. I know this since I've tested other campaigns and it's 100% a known issue when more updates come through that sometimes break existing missions.
  7. It's odd that dcs starts in VR mode if your headset is not tracking. I had a similar issue but dcs would not launch in VR mode. I had to open the load section of open composite.exe and there I right clicked the dcs icon and set always use open rx runtime. Closed everything down including wmr window and launched it again running dcs within the headset and it finally loaded.
  8. Can you clear your wmr environment in the settings section of wmr window? Also try putting on the headset, opening the desktop app in the headset and then running dcs shortcut from there. I've had no issues doing it this way.
  9. Glad that worked out for you. I already tried silicon grease on my motor. It gets power but doesn't spin. I can feel it very slightly hum/vibrate. It does spin freely if I move it with my hand but it should do that anyway. I will try reloading the firmware but not having crazy high hopes.
  10. I would be really interested to see if these work for you and what you did to replace the old motors in the seat that were not working?
  11. Did you try to launch dcs in VR? Does it start up? If so, then everything should be good. Once you start it, it should show up in there.
  12. I have honestly yet to try 60hz in the g2. I always ran at 90hz and never noticed much microstutters. But again I mainly play campaigns in single player.
  13. I think it is recommended to delete the saved games folder for dcs prior to doing any of the open xr updates/install. But actually you just back it up somewhere and then delete it. Run through the open xr configuration and installation, then once everything launches without issues, you can put your saved games folder back.
  14. That's what you normally see when you don't have the headset on. Once you are wearing it and have aligned yourself the cliff house always loads up.
  15. I always run open beta. Updated this morning and I used to run open xr 0.63 without any issues. If the dcs beta update didn't change from yesterday to this morning, then I'm not sure what it could be. I had to use the openapi_vr.dll from the backup folder. I usually delete the backup folders from dcs before I do a clean and update so I'm glad I didn't this time.
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