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  1. FC3, a10, f14, f16 I was hyped for the viper and it left me disappointed, maybe one reason why ive quit for a while
  2. Is it just me that's been losing interest in flight simming lately? I don't know if its because I've grown bored of DCS or because I've been more busy and had less energy to sit down and flight sim for a good couple hours. And when I do have the time to flight sim I'm just too tired and not in the mood. Anyone else?
  3. Is it possible for friends to deactivate and uninstall certain modules from thier accounts, exchange account passwords and log into each others accounts, essentially sharing modules that the other does not own?
  4. First off I'd like to congratulate ED on a job well done with the Viper. I had a small request though, that the default head position be lowered a bit, as I'd like to be able to see my entire MFD's but it requires me to zoom out so far that I can barely read them. I feel this is an issue for anyone who doesn't have headtracking, unless someone can help me find a solution? thanks
  5. And if I must be within the SAMs WEZ, I should still fly high to avoid the aaa and manpads?
  6. To a fighte aircraft (be it an F-15, 16, 18, etc) what's a larger threat: 1) an older gen SAM like an SA-2, 3, or 4 or 2) AAA and MANPADS In other words, if a target area has both old gen radar sams and low level aaa and ir manpads, should i fly high to avoid the low level threats, or fly low to terrain mask from the SA-2/3? which threat takes priority? i've heard that its always the SAM, regardless of how old it may be
  7. Is it just me or have the also reduced RWR, AIM-9 tone, Betty, etc in relation to the in cockpit engine sound ? Im going deaf with the In Cockpit slider on 50% in the F15 but I can barely hear the sidewinder tone
  8. Sound Settings changed Is it just me or has the volume been changed with a new update? Everything sounds way too quiet...usually keep "In-Cockpit" at around 30% now i have to up it to around 60%
  9. is there a reason that the chaff looks like giant pixels?
  10. New Open Beta Wake Turbulence Option What does this option do? I know Heatblur added a lot of turbulence into the F14 FM, will unchecking this box remove that?
  11. Watchung The Art of the Kill, Pete Bonani says all you can do in defensive BFM is keep jinking and buying yourself time in the hopes that the other guy makes a mistake or someone else comes to help
  12. Do you guys have any tips for defensive BFM? If someones on my 6 what can I do to get them off?
  13. Yes, pulse modes have a little over half the range of pulse doppler modes. But my question was is there any tactical advantage to using them over pulse doppler (other than seeing targets in the notch)? Sorry if I misunderstood anyone
  14. Where can I find these values for other aircraft? If you have them on hand for the A10, F14 and F16 can you provide? Thank you
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