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  1. And also possibly ability to change the pilot helmet to old school HUB-55, overall a better 3D model of pilot also the gear of F16 pilots is much diferente from navy pilots such as F18, all pics and info is available on net just research and you right away understand they use diferente gear a part of G suite rest changes and also changes depending on mission and operation zone, but they have a comum stuff navy pilots and ground based pilots. at the moment I’m enjoying the script that changes the F18 pilots helmet is amazing makes F18 pilot look much better in my opinion and realistic.
  2. Hope ED can implement this as I currently have a very very realistic photographic textures I have made for FA18 pilot and would love to have this In F16, thanks all let’s keep this alive hehe we need an normal HUB-55 helmet to look in viper just like real life
  3. Like I said few other times, at least an email saying yes guys we working and project is full steam ahead, we don’t need no photos or anything else but just more of professionalism and respect to us future buyers/community an comum curtesy, we not expect it tomorrow we know what takes to make a complex module, please let them know as we at least expect a message as one year no even message or post from no one at TrueGrid!? Lol not serious
  4. Please guys include the pilot with HUB-55 helmet, is a must to match other modern jets
  5. Any new previews? News on pilots and new looking pilots helmets as I would love to see that solid top notch aviators With those cool helmets HUB-55, I have option in my script on Hornet In DCS and I can change helmet from advanced JHMCS to normal HUB-55 if not wrong, see my pic, I have totally reworked retextured to 4K pilot gear and included photo real textures and smallest details and helmet also got lots of variations and visor colours and it’s just brings my hornet to next visual and photo real look
  6. Hi Guys, let me introduce myself my name is Stan, I’m lead audio developer for Echo19, join our discord that you can find below and say hi in general chat, we have some cool things that almost baked and we would like to share with all you, thanks much appreciated Stan”Smiley” Echo19 Join here: https://discord.gg/q7ddDUXh
  7. Hi Good Night Cobra,


    I believe you have heard about me from Andrew your colleague, I’m the guy that have proposed and revised lots of sounds on Tomcats A/B my Name is  Stan “Smiley” from Echo19, just wonder if you have tried and tested our proposed sounds the latest ones I have worked on, is there a way that I could directly contact you and have possibility to send you some audio samples? As I have said to Andrew we have unique rare tomcats audio back from 2006 and those are clean audio recordings no back noises and all that airshow stuff is just pure tomcat, let me know how I can contact you if you have discord or any other way to be able to talk as we want to see Tomcat being all around the best jet in DCS 😉 send me pm, thanks Cobra much appreciated 


    Stan from Echo19

  8. Hi guys, Join our discord and discover latest sounds updates, a total overhaul was made to most jets in game, join and come to see the live streams and progress with our sound studio development lots of interesting things ! https://discord.gg/q7ddDUXh See you there boys!
  9. Amazing buddy!! The colours are spot on!! Keep this up looking forward for this new colours skin
  10. Hi guys, I just wonder why non of representatives of TrueGrid then from last year did not even turn up or said anything or just give us like something to state that this project is alive and that work is in progress, as I understand and anyone else is just matter of curtesy to at least show up from time to time and advise or respond to people’s questions, as I myself as parity much anyone else and we talking about hundreds of thousands people that are expecting this module and we are willing to wait and pay what price tag will be as we trust and expect this amazing fighter specially developed by ex pilots of this beast! Now is sad to say that but I don’t want this project to die in a shadow and remain as a just dream for many of us! While we can and have time we want to be able enjoy this future peace of art! I wish all the best to the development team and keep it alive don’t give up and I know is not easy but we are here for support and if anything needed TrueGrid just let us “people” know! Thanks all much appreciated Have a great day boyz and girls! Stan “Smiley” - Audio Designer Echo19
  11. Hi Guys! First of all amazing mod! mega textures the art work is top lvl! Now I have seen somthing is strange so as per first page we got the pilots with faces and the oxygen masks have complete assembly but then mod installed and no pilot faces and the gear seams to be incomplete as the oxygen masks missing parts and so on, or this is still in work in progress ? Thanks some pics to just compare : With in game pilots missing parts such as faces(body) and Flight gear incomplete missing parts
  12. Hi, all development Team, I have been looking and watching lots of F14 photos and videos documents on the in game specific Tomcats Model A/B, as per title I have seen that the TCS pod has missing internal textures such as Glass reflective internal part and an lens of the TCS, see below the photo from Tomcat taxing and I capture the TCS also I will leave an video documentary were you can catch that right moment, later will add more details as on Flickr you have quite some photos of this pod and clear images on how it looks, I did try edit it in textures livery but looks like is just grey as it’s not finished detail. Link to vid watch at minute -13:25 : the below is in game :
  13. I agree with all of you guys that said YES ! I also SAY YES an F16D is a must as this will allow to expand capability of training and recruiting new pilots for squadrons also allowing new pilots to understand system and basic BFM, the case of scenario is straight forward as main/front seat pilot I always can take over controls of aircraft and show to the student how and what must be done and in some very important moments of BFM no to mention two heads think better than one! GIB US F16 D! Finally ED pls guys! some cool pics : https://line.17qq.com/articles/omnlokdcv.html Photo : Lockheed Martin F-16D 2007 cicra
  14. Hi Guys, So I just have been watching and listening the sounds of the USAF KC-135 Tanker in DCS via mission creator and found out that this big boy uses the generic A10 fan sound that is under file - EngineTF34GE100Fan - now as per below few videos on take offs of KC-135 you can hear that type of engines that are installed on those Tankers are CFM56 -2 High Bypass Turbofans before they had the PW now the ones we got they do generate rumble but is not as loud as it is in our SIM (DCS) and is quite different, I understand that making sounds only for this plane is not best strategy and there are things more important that require attentions, but fixing the one we got is a must specially is a simple fix! So to make this more authentic I would advise an change very quick is that simply via whatever new coding is by adding or removing few lines of script, as before it was via sdef or perhaps is on core level, simply not allowing the specific aircraft in this case KC135 not use that audio track such as EngineTF34GE100Fan, this way the KC135 will sound more realistic as the rest of audio is just spot on. See below ref video of take off KC135 same as in DCS. As in DCS its just sounds so … I had to remove it from my mission as the sound just kills the immersion and I'm trying to make a video like in real life of normal day in USAF Base. Soon on my YouTube but only after we get this one sorted -.-'' Start-up and taxing KC135 Take-off Thanks and hope to see some feedback and fix in very near future so at least we can enjoy to watch and listen this big places in our loved SIM !
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